QUIET STREET by Zolda Popkin


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A salute and shalom to undeclared, unofficial war against the Arabs and the British before Israel could proclaim its statehood, this is unsubdued in its sentiment and sympathies if worthy in its intentions. Through the rejection of the Partition by the United Nations, the weeks of bombs and bloodshed and hunger, one follows the fortunes of a group of people. There is Dr. Jacob Hirach, American born but dedicated to his new country, and his wife Edith who is not sure she can bear to sacrifice a child for the State; the Goldsteins who lose their boy; Carmela Levine whose husband is executed as a traitor; Gordon Leake, a Civil Servant who abandons England and his wife for the cause with which he identifies himself; Dinah Hirsch, living in and fighting from a kibbutz; etc. etc. These and others typify the people there and the stoicism of their struggle to achieve independence. The prevalence of Hebrew words, the Biblical parallels, narrows the market to those with a pre-established concern and interent.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1951
ISBN: 0803287704
Publisher: Lippincott