by Robin Gregory

I dreaded getting my debut novel reviewed. An introvert at heart, I equated the notion of sending my book out for review to being thrown to the lions. My expectations were akin to Vonnegut’s when he said this about critics: He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae or ...

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by Laurie Muchnick

Let’s celebrate summer with some of the best genre books coming out this month: a romance, a thriller, a mystery, and a science-fiction novel.

Why Do Dukes Fall in Love? by Megan Frampton: Our reviewer calls this “a conventional Regency tale of two delightfully unconventional lovers”: Michael, Duke of Hadlow, and Edwina Cheltam, a recently widowed mother he hires as ...

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by Michael Valinsky

Quantum mechanics is one of those things that you might get interested in because of a video you saw or a talk you attended. It’s an area of study that, as Colorado-based author Blake Crouch explains, “the more you research, the more of the hard, gritty science you try to pin down, the more nebulous it becomes and the more ...

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by Catherine Hickley

Two She-Bears

Shalev, Meir

Trans. by Schoffman, Stuart

Israel: 2013 | Am Oved

U.S.: Sept. 13, 2016 | Schocken

Ruta Tavori, a high school Hebrew teacher, reveals a bloody, tragic family history as the narrator of Two She-Bears,maintaining the suspense by continually keeping something back even as she confides. She jumps back and forth in time to tell of the ...

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by Mandy Curtis

BOOK REPORT for Signs of You by Emily France

Cover Story: Popular on Instagram

BFF Charm: Big Sister

Swoonworthy Scale: 6

Talky Talk: Spiritual Suspense

Bonus Factor: Religious Mystery

Relationship Status: Kindred Spirits


Cover Story: Popular on Instagram

This cover image definitely looks like an image one might stumble across on Instagram’s Explore page. That’s not to say ...

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by Leila Roy

You know those Today in History lists? I love them, and I look at them almost every day. More often than not, they send me down some internet rabbithole about some historical event, figure, or oddity; sometimes they prompt me to start poking around, looking for fiction about the subject.

Which is how I found out that thirty-eight years ago ...

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by Thea James

“Believing in something greater than ourselves isn’t crazy. It’s proof we’re sane. Look how vast the galaxy is. Don’t you have to admit we can’t be the greatest power within it?”

This very weekend, hundreds of thousands of fans are flocking to San Diego for one of the greatest nerd-fests of the year: Comic Con. And one of the ...

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