by Megan Labrise

Among the epigraphs of Melissa Febos’s sophomore memoir, Abandon Me, is a quotation by English psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott: “It is a joy to be hidden and a disaster not to be found.”

“I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to use that epigraph,” says Febos, who considered it for her critically acclaimed debut, Whip Smart ...

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by Maya Payne Smart

It’s tempting to think of Angie Thomas’ YA novel The Hate U Give as being ripped straight from the latest headlines about an unarmed black person shot by the police. But that would miss the point that for many people, Thomas included, the news is not only news: it is lived experience—raw and achingly intimate. And the lives stolen are ...

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by Karen Schechner, Senior Indie Editor, Kirkus Reviews

When considering what to charge for an e-book, the calculus can be complicated. We talked with Smashwords founder Mark Coker about smart pricing strategies, including how to price multiple books and different genres.

What’s the best strategy for pricing your e-book?

Mark Coker: Every time you sell an e-book, you gain two benefits. The first is money in your pocket ...

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by Gregory McNamee

It’s a setup worthy of Sherlock Holmes: a museum acquires a work of art for a pittance, not quite realizing what it has on its hands, only to discover, quite casually, that the piece in question is a long-lost work by a canonical artist.

So it was in real life when, in 1965, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art bought ...

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by Leila Roy

Later this week, I’m headed to New York to finally, finally see Hamilton.

Which has me more than a little excited.

So, of course, it made me wonder: what’s out there for recent musical theater YA? It seems like something that we’d see a lot of, right? High potential for drama, because backstage shenanigans and close quarters and heightened emotion ...

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by Thea James

“I’ve been in many battles in my lifetime. I’ve slain monsters by the hundreds and won more victories than I can count, but against this there’s no defense. From the moment we met I tried fighting it—gods, I’ve tried. Nothing works. I thought I’d be safe at the other end of the country, but the minute I heard you were ...

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by Julie Danielson

As I’ve said many times here at Kirkus, I love to follow picture book imports, and one thing I appreciate about them is the amount of chaos they’re willing to let in. If you live in America and primarily write about picture books from this country, as I do, along comes an import, and it’s often an altogether different beast ...

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