by Megan Labrise

When it came to titling his latest memoir, Chris Offutt went with the main thrust: My Father, the Pornographer.

“It was just called ‘Dad Book’ for a long time, as its working title—I had tons of titles that were awful. I’m not the greatest title inventor,” says Offutt, whose debut story collection, Kentucky Straight, was named by his college ...

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by Bridgette Bates

Poet and translator turned first-time novelist Idra Novey learned a lot about writing through internalizing the words of other writers. “As a translator you have to get in the mind of a writer, and the writer becomes a character in your mind and you have to embody this other voice,” says Novey. Her delightfully sublime debut novel, Ways to ...

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by Benjamin Rybeck

I have a friend who hates the New York Times film critic named A.O. Scott—I mean, really despises him. Thinks he’s pompous and wrongheaded—that he knows not a damn thing about movies. Of course, my friend has never met A.O. Scott, but what does this matter? People hate critics all the time. Critics, in fact, might occupy the ...

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by Donald Liebenson

It’s not like Dave Stewart wasn’t warned about what he would be getting into by writing Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: A Life in Music. Musician friends who had written their memoirs had cautioned him it would be “hell on Earth,” he says with a laugh. “They had written songs and created albums, done huge concert tours that ...

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by Jennie K.

BOOK REPORT for Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin

Cover Story: Bang Bang

BFF Charm: Big Sister

Swoonworthy Scale: 6

Talky Talk: Straight Up with a Blogger Twist

Bonus Factors: LGBTQ, Orange County

Relationship Status: Wingwoman

Cover Story: Bang Bang

This cover (and title) is great—it manages to get a key element of Riley’s appearance across without indicating gender ...

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by Leila Roy

Overnight, our tales about the swamp swung from complete fantasy to an infectious reality. Folks are just as likely to talk about the ghosts that their sister/cousin/uncle saw as they are anything else. As much as I’d like to disavow all of it, there are still some things I can’t explain. And far be it from me to ...

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by Thea James

<If I stop to think about it, this whole thing is totally insane.>

<Hunting monsters…>

<Risking my life…>


< crazy as it sounds…>

<....for the first time I can remember…>

<...I feel like I’m in control.>

Rori Lane, Ayane, Shirai, and Nikaido are not your average teenagers—in fact, they are superheroes. Among them, these ...

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