Jacob Reckless secretly travels to another world, hidden behind a mirror. But one day, his younger brother, Will, follows him, and Will’s life is in danger. “When I left the Inkworld nearly four years ago, I didn’t expect to find another setting as satisfying anytime soon,” says Cornelia Funke, author of the Inkheart trilogy. “But suddenly there it was: a world behind a mirror, where Grimms’ Fairy Tales had come alive.” This world resembles 19th-century Europe in many ways. “But the Empress of Austry keeps Dwarfs as servants. Sinister gingerbread houses haunt the woods. The curse of a Dark Fairy turns human flesh into stone,” she says. “Then of course, there’s Jacob Reckless, who is by far the most thoughtless and impatient hero who ever made me tell his story. He lives up to his name in every way, and I have to admit, I like him very much.”

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Cornelia Funke

Little, Brown / September / 9780316056090 / $19.99 / ages 10 & up