Of this sly feline’s debut in Binky the Space Cat (2009) Kirkus wrote in a starred review, “Spires’s mix of sly, dry and slapstick humor in her first graphic novel is perfect.” In this new adventure, Binky and Ted fall into “OUTER SPACE!” Children will savor knowing that Binky and his stuffed mousie have simply tumbled outdoors, but that doesn’t lessen the threat of a bee hive (aka “an alien warship”)—especially after Binky and Ted become separated. “Anyone who has lived with a cat knows that there are a lot of things going on in their lives that we humans aren’t privy to,” says Ashley Spires. “Cats are already superheroes in their own minds; all they need is a nemesis. I’ve never met a cat that doesn’t love the crunch of a juicy housefly, so bugs were a natural choice. Plus insects make the best villains. Who  wouldn’t want to take them down?”


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Pub info:

Binky to the Rescue

Ashley Spires

Kids Can / September / 9781554535026; 9781554535972 / $16.95; $8.95 paperback / ages 7-10