Curiosity inspired Truus Matti to write her debut novel, in which two stories—one fantastic, the other realistic—intertwine. Told in alternating chapters, the book begins with a third-person account of a girl named Mouse, who arrives at a dilapidated hotel run by a fox and a rat, unable to remember her past. “I wrote…the first scene in the book more or less by accident; it came out of nowhere, and I had no idea what it was about,” says Matti. “The girl made me want to know who she was and what she was doing…So I followed her to find out.” That girl led Matti to the novel’s second plot line, told in the first person by a girl who makes her father promise to come home for her 11th birthday. When he doesn’t, the girl writes him a scathing letter only to learn that he died while touring with his orchestra. Sharing themes of letters and classical music (“Bach came in because when I was writing,” says Matti, “there was a lot of renovating going on in my building so I had to try and concentrate with music”), the stories gradually merge into what Kirkus called, in a starred review, “a poignant journey from anger to acceptance.”


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Pub info:

Departure Time

Truus Matti

namelos / August / 9781608980871; 9781608980093 / $18.95; $9.95 (paperback) / ages 10 & up