“A teenager who defies family and king, runs away from home, joins a revolution, fights courageously and helps found a nation. I’m always looking for a good story, and this one was hard to resist,” says Newbery Medalist Russell Freedman. The fiery young nobleman played a role in the author’s recent Give Me Liberty (2000) and Washington at Valley Forge (2008) before Freedman gave him star billing. His research uncovered a wealth of primary materials, which, he says, “allow[ed] Lafayette and his friends to speak for themselves. I wanted to delve more deeply and devote an entire book to this genuinely idealistic young French/American hero who played a critical role in America’s Revolutionary War.”


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Pub info:

Lafayette and the American Revolution

Russell Freedman

Holiday House / October / 9780823421824 / $24.95 / ages 9-12