If you’ve already found us on Facebook you probably know that we’ve been staging a contest (more than a few status updates have been dedicated to getting the word out.) For those who were out of the loop, we’ve spent the last couple of weeks collecting predictions about what publishing will look like by the end of 2011. Besides producing a winner, this contest confirmed something we already suspected: many of our friends have great writing skills and vivid imaginations. How else to explain the fact that the same prompt inspired mentions of Kevin Bacon, Wikileaks, and zombies? (Sounds like a dreadful assignment, doesn’t it? “Class, today you must use Kevin Bacon, Wikileaks and zombies in the same sentence.”)

But we digress.

Perhaps you’d like to know who won the grand prize – a brand new NOOKcolor from Barnes and Noble. Her name is Giovanna P. and her entry featured a newfangled e-reader: the iFad. And while chances may be slim that her predictions will actually come true, we think Giovanna could be on to something: the term iFad sounds like a great way to describe transient technology and ideas, as in, “Oh, that’s just the latest iFad.” Perhaps an iFad is the 21st century equivalent of a pet rock or a one-hit wonder.

While we’re on the subject of ideas, we wanted to let you know that we’d like to hear yours. This particular giveaway is over but we’re already planning what to do next. What kind of contest would you like to see in the future? What would you like to win? We’ve started a new note on our Facebook page and would love it if you’d stop by and tell us your contest ideas.

In the meantime we’ll ship Giovanna her NOOKcolor, and will also send nine Barnes and Nobles gift cards to our runners-up. And though they didn’t win one of the prizes we’d like to give an honorable mention to Brian and J.C.; both of them crafted introductions that were exactly 140 characters. Nice!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you through your entries, and hope you’ll come back next time. Until then, happy reading.