My debut trilogy had been edited but never critically reviewed and I felt extremely vulnerable when I submitted my book for review. My publicist coached me to have thick skin, but still, it was a tense time for me. It helped to know that I didn’t have to publish any Kirkus review I didn’t like. To my utter relief, I found the Kirkus reviewer to be not only fair and objective, but obviously a lover of stories and someone with keen insights into character and theme development. 

I had all three books of my trilogy reviewed and with each review I received new and fresh sound-bites for describing the book to others. This helped with my publishing strategy. But, even more, the favorable comments gave me more confidence to offer the books for further reviews and seek a broader audience.  In one case, the reviewer (obviously well-read) even made a connection that hadn’t occurred to me and gave me a wonderful new perspective to consider. I am truly grateful for the fairness and professionalism and would highly recommend Kirkus.  


Maryland-based D.K. Reed grew up on a farm in the misty Clinch River Valley of the Smoky Mountains. She is the recipient of the Distinguished Technical Communication Award from the 1996 Florida Technical Communication Competition. She is the author of the Stones of Bothynus Trilogy.