’Twas the day before Christmas with no snow on the ground

How odd in Wisconsin, where we’re often snowbound.

Our tree was alight with baubles and glass,

and the small pile of presents we’d worked to amass.

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I do love the gifts this season, of course,

And this year, a new Star Wars movie was a palpable Force.

It’s a beautiful time of grace and fun,

A perfect time to count our blessings, every one.


I adore my husband, my boys are awesome and healthy,

My life makes me happy, though I’m not exactly wealthy.

I have friends, “in real life” and on the Net,

Who make me laugh and are there when I fret.


But at the end of the day, if all else fails,

I turn to the books and authors who comfort all travails.

I adore romance novels I am very proud to say,

And the joy, hope and well-being they always convey.


Life can be a struggle, even when it’s good,

So I turn to books that lighten my mood.

As SEP says, and it’s an argument I’ll not brook,

“Life is too short for depressing books!”


Can’t wait to dive in to another great tome,

No matter the genre, they all feel like home.

Two favorite series came to an end this year,

So Blue Heron and the Glamourist Histories earned a farewell tear.


But the Chicago Stars are back in 2016, so I’m told,

And I think Anne Gracie will marry off Chance sister Daisy the bold.

Eloisa James has an American-born heiress who marries a duke,

while Lisa Kleypas’ Mrs. Winterborne must save her husband by hook or by crook.


SummerBride  ForbiddenJenkinswinterborne


Willig, White, and Williams wrote a book together,

Perhaps The Forgotten Room is a bellwether?

Kresley Cole left us in ruin sweet,

While JR Ward’s two new departures were a definite treat!


Suzanne Brockmann, please write faster—

When it comes to suspense & action, you’re the master!

Sherry Thomas, what’s next for you?

And Sonali Dev, what’s post-Book 2?


Beverly Jenkins starts a series next month with Forbidden

And in June continues her Blessings series, celebrating new beginnings.

If you’ve so far missed Jenkins’ classic Indigo,

It’s a title that might help your holiday reading glow!

Who else you ask, and I say, “Where to start?”

So many great authors to warm your heart.

Sabrina Jenkins, Molly O’Keefe, Sarah MacLean, Loretta Chase,

For LGBTQ+, Josh Lanyon makes a great Christmas Case!


I could go on for pages and pages, you know it’s true,

Until my fingers fall off and I’m turning blue!

But really, the best gift of all is finding an author who makes you smile

And whose stories transport you to a happy place at least for a while.


May your days be full of joy and your stocking stuffed with treats;

May your Christmas bring you both fun and peace.

But, more than anything this season, I wish you the chance

To fall into a story that brightens your day and, even for a second, might your life enhance!


Joyful reading, friends!


Bobbi Dumas is a freelance writer, book reviewer, romance advocate and founder of ReadARomanceMonth.comShe mostly writes about books and romance for NPRThe Huffington Post and Kirkus.