I file my books to be read and reviewed, as I've mentioned, by month and year, so I know what books I want to read—and which month they'll be released in. This is rather important, because I feel like a right doucherag when I review books or talk about them so far in advance that people who are curious can't buy the book themselves.

However, it's the start of September, and here's what I've got in the September 2012 file:

Twisted in Tulips by Nikki Duncan

This book came out in mid-August, but my August folder was so full, I moved this novella to September so I wouldn't compromise my chance to read and enjoy it. (Yes, I try to finish all the books in each file by the end of the month).

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Twisted in Tulips has a lovely cover—isn't it striking? I read an article about color popularity which stated that one color which gets a lot of contrast attention is brown because it's not as commonly used as, say, black (or grey). You'll see more brown and pink, and in this case, brown and white. I think this cover is really elegant and different.

This book is about an ex-military hero and a heroine who runs a floral business—one that her family disapproves of. It seems from the reviews that the hero starts out as a bit of a judgmental asshat. I'm holding out hope for excellent banter, a heroine who takes no crap and some possible groveling for that former asshattery. Groveling is key.

in a fix In a Fix by Linda Grimes

I haven't wanted to read paranormal in a long, long while, but this book's description has me SO CURIOUS. The heroine, Ciel, is an "aura adaptor": She can take on her client's appearance. She poses as her clients to solve their difficult problems Ok, seriously, doesn't that sound cool?

But one of Ciel's jobs goes bad in a hurry when her client's boyfriend is kidnapped (by Vikings—as they are wont to do) and she's forced to ask two other adaptors for help. One is her best friend and she's got a big ol' crush on the other.

Again: this sounds so cool! I love when there's a book with a new spin on paranormal abilities and magic and whatnot. I can't wait to read this one and hope it's as fun and different as I expect.

Better Than Chocolate by Sheila Roberts

This is a contemporary romance set in a place called "Icicle Falls." While the very twee name of the very small town made me raise my eyebrow a bit, I am curious about the heroine. She's a chocolatier, running her family's confectionary company with her great-grandmother's recipes. I'm not a huge fan of small town ensemble contemporaries, and this seems to be one of that ilk. But the excerpt I read made me curious for more.

I haven't read any of these yet, but I'm excited about them and very eager to start reading. What's on your I Wanna Read That list this month?

Sarah Wendell is the co-creator, editor and mastermind of the popular romance blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.