We had snow. My mom’s birthday weekend was delightful. El Paso, TX has changed drastically, but in many ways has stayed the same.

My own life just changed drastically too—mostly for the good, but there’s always two sides to everything right? Lately, my husband, a restaurant manager, had a job he was miserable in. Both to add some moral support but also to be a “body” in his restaurant, I’d been working 30-50 hours in the place.

This past weekend he sent in a letter of resignation with a full month’s notice. His boss, in the “cut off your nose to spite your face” way of things (at least in my opinion), told him to leave immediately.

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I'm so happy he has the opportunity to look for something new—the stress alone was giving him aches and keeping him from getting a good night’s sleep!—but a little dismayed at the lack of at least a month’s income at Christmas.

Ah well, I do believe the universe gives us what we need to be happy, even when what we’re faced with feels a bit daunting. I am affirming that the DH will land in a position that fulfills him in ways this one couldn’t, and that ultimately it will be best for him and our family.

Keep us in your thoughts! It was a big leap!

Of course, I’m always grateful to be able to escape stress and uncertainty in the pages of a good book, and I’m glad to have had a few titles to dive into lately.

After weeks of waiting to get library audio copies on Overdrive, Books 4 & 5 of Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series came in the same few days. A Rule Against Murder (review here) and The Brutal Telling (review here) were both great (of course) and clever, and Gamache was his usual mix of wise, personable, unflappable, curious and brilliant, with a bit more of his own back-story to round out his compelling and fascinating character.

The Pretender cover HelenKay Dimon is such a great writer, and though I’ve missed the first couple Games People Play titles, I was able to catch her December release, The Pretender (review here). When a (mostly) former thief accidentally witnesses a murder, he has to defend the woman who’s being accused, the victim’s sister. He can’t identify the murderer, but he knows it’s not her.  As the investigation begins to close in, he has to solve the case, because once he claims she’s innocent, he becomes the prime suspect. And there’s the tricky fact that he’s falling for her, too. There’s a lot to love in this book, but I especially liked the unique set-up, the remote island setting with its gothic undertones, and the not-quite-reformed hero.

I’m still not completely caught up with all of Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series, and realized Overdrive had Hot Target available. Yum! I loved the hollywood setting, the background story of the two star-crossed WWII gay lovers, and the subtle hint at one of the most fascinating aspects of WWII, The Ghost Army (read more about that in the Atlantic article here.) Plus, it’s the title where Jules meets Robin. Love, love, love.

I’m not going into too much detail on the titles below, because I’ll be doing longer coverage in upcoming posts, but here are some books you should pick up when they come out in the next month or so:


My Last Love Story 2 Sonali Dev’s  A Distant Heart - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. (Review here.)

Falguni Kothari’s My Last Love Story - unconventional, heart-wrenching, thought-provoking and lovely.

Rachel Gibson’s The Art of Running in Heels - Gibson published her first book and first Chinook title, Simply Irresistible, in 1998. Her next release features the daughter of Georgie and Kowalsky, Lexie, as she escapes her reality TV wedding and jumps on a charter plane to anywhere with newest Chinooks star, Sean Knox. Charming, fun and super entertaining. (Review here.)


We’re closing in on Christmas and Star Wars. What’s on your wish list? Or your reading list?

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