At Kirkus, we’re proud of our signature three-paragraph reviews and our ability to sum up what's good, bad and sometimes ugly about new books. Occasionally, though, a title comes along that begs for a different treatment. Without further ado, please enjoy our verse review of Every Thing on It, the newest release from the estate of Shel Silverstein.

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A Review

Uncle Shelby wrote some verse.
Sadly, then he rode a hearse.
He left behind some poems unpublished.
Thankfully, not one is rubbish.
If one or two feel slightly flat,
The next two will take care of that.
130 his family picked.
Some are touching; some are sick.
Some are short; a few are long.
Some will make you sing along.
His pictures, too, are here included
(without them, this would seem denuded).
We know this book you all will buy.
Take heart that when it makes you cry,
it’ll be because our Shelby’s gone
and not because the book’s a bomb.

(Poetry. All ages)