Valentine’s Day is coming up, so it’s time to highlight some great romance novels:

Wallflower Most Wanted by Manda Collins: “A few young women in the town of Little Seaford have thrown themselves at the vicar, Lord Benedick Lisle, but when Miss Sophia Hastings tumbles off a cliff in front of him, she’s the first to be so literal about it. Even with the pain of a sprained ankle, she notices his ‘almost too fittingly angelic’ face, and Ben doubts that ‘the Archbishop of Canterbury himself would be able to resist’ her charms, so when he scoops her up to carry her home, it should be the start of a simple love story,” says our review. But of course, it’s never simple. Sophia is a painter, and she and Benedick uncover an art forgery scheme in the village. Our reviewer calls this “a heart-stopping Regency celebrating a genius and the man who can’t resist her.”

Tempest is the last volume in Beverly Jenkins’ Old West trilogy. “Regan Carmichael gets her first good look at the man she’s supposed to marry moments after she puts a bullet in him. She can’t help but notice that he’s quite handsome—and distinctly unamused. As far as Dr. Colton Lee is concerned, this unorthodox introduction does not bode well. All he’d wanted in a mail-order bride was a quiet, cultured woman to raise his daughter, Anna. His advertisement said nothing about requiring a woman who could handle a rifle….Another smart, entertaining historical romance from Jenkins,” according to our reviewer.

Beautiful Lawman by Sophie Jordan: “Piper Walsh doesn’t want to work at a strip club, but it’s the only job she can get in the small town of Sweet Hill, where everyone knows that her brother was arrested for murder. She’s embarrassed when Hale Walters, the town’s new sheriff, summons her to the police department to collect her teenage sister after a night of mischief. She’s even more embarrassed when a bachelor party brings Hale to Piper’s club—and she lands right on his lap.” Our reviewer says it’s “hilarious, sexy, and great fun.”

Laurie Muchnick is the fiction editor.