“The Colonel didn’t satisfy me.” —Amazon reviewer Jennifer Hendriks, on Tender Wings of Desire, the 96-page romance novel “written by” Colonel Harland Sanders. The novel, set in Victorian England and featuring a hunky version of the colonel on the cover, coincides with promotional meals for Mother’s Day, one of KFC’s most profitable days in the calendar year, TIME magazine reports. Despite its failure to put Hendriks in a finger-licking mood, Tender Wings of Desire has an overall rating of four out of five stars.


Paula Hawkins Field Notes “I was so surprised that the Americans liked it because I just thought of it as a depressing short little English book about a drunk.” —Paula Hawkins, author of Into the Water, on her 20-million-copies-sold debut, The Girl on the Train, in the Telegraph


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“I hope you read the book and like it. And even if you hate it, it took me a really long time to write it.” —Jenny Forrester, author of Narrow River, Wide Sky, at Powell’s City of Books. Forrester’s debut memoir took about two decades to write.


“Pointing to his head, Harris said, ‘The book is still here,’ and...explaining the plotline, said: ‘A guy meets a young girl, he’s married, falls in love with the young girl, can’t be with the girl because he can’t afford to be, knows he could inherit if anything happened to his partner." —The Daily Mail reports that David Harris, a retired TV producer accused of hiring a hit on his wealthy wife, assures authorities he was simply writing a murder mystery novel. Harris didn’t tell any of his friends he was writing the novel because the genre lacks cultural cachet—he certainly wasn’t going to spend his dead wife’s fortune on a new, much younger lover! “He said he got hooked on crime fiction after he bought a Kindle for Christmas and hoped to write a best-seller that could be turned into a movie,” crime correspondent Richard Spillett writes.


Emerging genre alert: Hillary Rodham Fiction, (n.) — A branch of speculative fiction in which Hillary Rodham never married Bill Clinton (see: forthcoming novel by Curtis Sittenfeld, Untitled) and/or won the 2016 presidential election (see: sci-fi writer William Gibson’s Agency, due January 2018).

+++Field Notes Lisa Ko

“Three years into writing the novel, I stopped labeling Word documents with names like ‘novel-final.doc’ and ‘novel-finalFINAL.doc’ and ‘novel- FORFUCKSSAKEFINAL.doc.’ ” —Lisa Ko, author of The Leavers, in “Not Finishing My Novel Would Have Ruined My Life—Notes on the Long Game That Is Writing,” at Lit Hub. Ko’s debut novel took seven years to write. 

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