Readers are constantly asking those of at us Kirkus which book they should read next in their book club (follow-up statement: please get me a free copy of the book you just suggested). Then ensues what feels like a therapy session we did not elect to attend: How do I get my friends to speak up more during book group? How do I get my friends to talk less during book group? Why were those two people making out in the corner while I was saying smart things about Gravity’s Rainbow?

No one at Kirkus has the answers to those questions, but we have come across a book club we would like to be a part of. A Chicago chapter of the Jane Austen Book Club live streamed their most recent meeting and it’s something to behold: while discussing Sense and Sensibility, the ladies in this book club curl each other’s hair with rags, just like women did in Jane Austen’s day. Then they move on to Northanger Abbey.