Unless you turned off all your electronic devices, you’ve heard a couple big pieces of information this June: One, something truly awful happened in the TV series Game of Thrones during an event titled “The Red Wedding”; and second, Target is now selling wedding dresses. Seriously, these are the top two subjects on Twitter, Facebook and on the street. And, according to my wedding-following divas, the bridesmaid dresses at Target are also abundant, beautiful and a great value. (To throw in my two cents: Costco does fresh flower arrangements at a very reasonable price. Will the colors for June 2013 be red and white?)

But I digress—this is supposed to be about BOOKS. So, let’s get going and talk about four books with “wedding” in the title you don’t want to miss this month.

First up is the book that caught Gwen’s eye and that she featured on Good Morning Texas. You must remember, Gwen’s really into movies, as well as books, so when she found Beth Kendrick’s The Week Before The Wedding (NAL, May 2013) it seemed like a perfect match. The Week is a fast-paced tale of a woman who finally has it all together and is planning the perfect wedding when, suddenly, it all falls apart the week before the wedding. Her ex-husband rolls into town with his golden retriever in tow to scout for his next film location. The mothers do battle over the wedding arrangements. Nothing is going right and our heroine must discover truths about herself, her fiancé and her ex. It’s up and down and funny. And, well, did you notice the GOLDEN RETRIEVER?! You can’t miss a book with an adorable dog on the cover who also plays a role in the story.

Here are two very different takes on the notion that 30 is the “age of last hope”:

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Sticking with a small town location, C.H. Admirand’s A Wedding in Apple Grove (Sourcebooks Casablanca, November 2012) is the first book in a new series of romances set in “Small Town USA.” The tradition here for announcing an engagement is for the female’s name to be written on the town’s water tower. In my town, this would be accompanied by a fine—but in Apple Grove, it’s just THEWedding in Apple Grove thing. Poor Meg is the last one left of her group yet to be married and her boyfriend’s been stringing her along for years. And in a small town there aren’t that many opportunities. When a new teacher arrives, the situation heats up and, with the help of town’s residents, the gun-shy Dan and pushing-30 Meg make it down the aisle. It’s an energetic read with enough romance and side characters to make you smile and sigh. 

But if you’d prefer a more chick-lit or contemporary novel, be sure to check out Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella (Dial Books, April 2013) for your June wedding read. After perfecting contemporary women’s fiction with the Shopaholic novels, Kinsella turns her attention to a flighty woman, nearing 30 who is impulsively now ready to get married. Lottie is expecting the Big Question from her boyfriend at a fancy restaurant, but ends up crushed. To her surprise, an old flame, Ben, pops up and reminds her of their age-old agreement to get married if they both still single at 30. No fuss, no muss: Just a quick registry wedding followed by a glorious trip to Greece. But Lottie’s sister, who is always around to pick up the pieces, and Ben’s business partner, who’s not sure this is such a good idea, scheme to break it all up. The big question—will there be a wedding night—may be answered but in the meantime, Wedding Night takes you on a roller coaster ride of fun and glamorous locations.

For another book set in the U.K., don’t miss Amanda Forester’s A Wedding in Springtime (Sourcebooks Casablanca, May 2013). A Regency-era tangle of manners and humor, A Wedding in Springtime mixes the conflicts thaWedding Nightt comes with rigid behavior with a romance you’ll love. I’ve enjoyed Forester’s work with her Highlander novels, so I was curious to see what would happen when she moved to Regency London. And she pulls it off beautifully. Miss Eugenia Talbot flubs her presentation to the Queen by laughing at an inappropriate time. This fiasco sets up a fast search for a quickie wedding since she’s now in disgrace. The author of her troubles turns out to also be the one with a solution, but the path to their wedding is not smooth as you would expect. Forsester makes the ups and downs delightful to consume. After all, as we know with romances, there will be a happy-ever-after.  It’s the journey that we love to read.

So there you are—four very different wedding themed novels to choose from. What are your favorite wedding themed romances? I’d love to hear about them too! 

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