Happy Halloween!

Are you doing anything fun this year? For the first time ever, my kids are out of the house and I have a professional obligation that night. So I won’t be home to give out candy. :o(

However, I love the holiday and I do try to do a little seasonal reading around this time of year. I prefer my endings happy and my ghosts and ghouls either light-hearted or vanquished, so I avoid the more horror-filled end of the fiction spectrum.

There are plenty of good options if you’re looking for a touch of the supernatural with a romantic subplot. Here are some:

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Mindy Klasky’s Jane Madison titles aTraddStreetre fun escapism, featuring a librarian who discovers she’s a witch. I recently read the first title, Girls Guide to Witchcraft, and was charmed, though I look forward to Jane growing into her power and a little more confidence as the series progresses.

Karen White’s popular Tradd Street titles follow Melanie Middleton, a real estate agent who loves the historical homes of New Orleans, except that she keeps running into ghosts in them. I’ve only read a couple of the four titles, but they were really fun.

I discovered Simone St. James last year, and love her elegant and haunting books featuring ghostly elements set against the true horror of World War I and its stunning aftermath. I recently finished Silence for the Dead, which was terrific. In the book, St. James subtly explores many troubling aspects of the war and how English society treated its veterans, not to mention a Swiss soldier and an abused daughter. Yet the main characters are so noble and winning that a happily-ever-after and a gratifying fight in which good vanquishes evil make the journey affecting and fulfilling. Her next title, Lost Among the Living, releases next April.

Finally, Menna Van Praag’s next title, The Witches of Cambridge, comes out in February. I love this author and I’m so excited to see her shift into a Lost  Among the Livingmore overt magical world. “Be careful what you wish for. If youre a witch, you might just get it.” The book revolves around a set of Cambridge friends who are all professors and all witches: “As romance and longing swirl through every picturesque side street, the witches of Cambridge find their lives unexpectedly upended and changed in ways sometimes extraordinary, sometimes heartbreaking, but always enchanting.” Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?! I can’t wait!

So anything special or spooky or especially spooky you’re reading this week, in honor of Halloween?

Bobbi Dumas is a freelance writer, book reviewer, romance advocate and founder of ReadARomanceMonth.comShe mostly writes about books and romance for NPRThe Huffington Post and Kirkus.