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As we head into the season of Thanksgiving, I wanted to express some gratitude for some great books coming out soon.

Are you a Jayne Ann Krentz fan? I am! (And Amanda Quick & Jayne Castle too). 

JAK’s last book, When All The Girls Have Gone, was a juicy plot twister which opened the door to a series, and her upcoming release, Promise Not To Tell, is a worthy sequel. (Releases Jan 2) Main characters Virginia and Cabot were both childhood survivors of a cult that ended when its guru burned the compound to the ground, killing most of the members. When an artist jumps to her death, leaving behind a painting that indicates the long-dead cult leader might actually be alive, gallery owner Virginia turns to a local PI firm to look into it, mainly because the investigators—including Cabot—have ties to the cult, too. Virginia and Cabot share an immediate attraction, but bond even more as they follow a trail of clues that lead to danger and a number of suspects, but not the cult leader. As they close in on a murderer and a thief, they become more convinced that even if they find the criminals, there’s more behind the scenes they need to look into.

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JAK never disappoints, bringing us clever, unexpected storylines and tons of action. This book and When All The Girls Have Gone each ended with resolution for the main plot, but also made clear that while the solutions won the battles, so to speak, the characters haven’t yet faced the war. I look forward to seeing where these go!

I recently finished Amanda Bouchet’s Heart On Fire, the third and final title in the Kingmaker’s Chronicles series.Heart on Fire

Books 1 (A Promise of Fire) and 2 (Breath of Fire) were both fabulous, which always makes me a little wary of the next one. But she pulled it off and finished the series with the same humor, wit, creativity, emotional intelligence, pathos, heroism and exquisite tension between light and dark that was evident from page 1.

If you haven’t read the first two books yet, you have time before the next one comes out (also Jan 2). And you really, really should. 

(Definitely don’t read them out of order.)

And oh my…

Nora Roberts.

Goodness knows Nora Roberts doesn’t need anyone telling people to read her books, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Year One Friends, her upcoming release, Year One, is incredible. I couldn’t put it down.

It’s unlike anything she’s written before—apocalyptic, dystopian; clearly setting up to be a savior heroine arc for the series. I found it brilliant and fascinating.

You’ll want to preorder this one.

I have more and I’ll be sharing them this month. (Click on the links above to get to the reviews for more information on these great books!)

Until then, what other authors and/or books are you grateful for? (There are bunch more in this year’s Best of 2017 Fiction. The romance titles are here.)

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