I’m in El Paso, Texas with my sister clearing out my mother’s house, and wow, what a crazy experience.

My mom wasn’t a hoarder in the “newspapers dating back to 1992” sense, but she was one in the “this pot has lost both its handles but we can still probably use it somehow” sense. Hence, we are sorting through 45 years worth of history, memories and, well, junk.

On the other hand, coming across my Holly Hobbie cup–a present for (I think?) my sixth birthday –was a bit of a trip….

Of course I’m at an age where I’m able to do this, mainly because my kids are young adults. I really wish my husband were here though. 

Not only does he make hard things easier to deal with, he’s also much better about handling clutter and sorting through what’s important and what’s not, and getting the “not” out the door.

My mother had a nice life, but I don’t think she ever had a great love. I would have wished that for her, but I know she took great comfort in the fact that both her daughters married happily.

I was reminded just how much of a difference a good partner can make in your life when I recently listened to Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman's fun and completely endearing The Greatest Love Story Ever Told: An Oral History.

Now, I don’t have a paper version of the book, and I received an audio review copy from the Penguin Group (thank you, thank you!), so I can’t really imagine how this transferred into a written version. Basically, the audio is just over six and a half hours of delightful conversation between Megan and Nick, who are clearly interesting, fun and grounded celebrities. (Kirkus liked it too - review here.)

Chock full of entertaining repartee, charming adoration and the occasional sweep back of the curtain into the couple’s personal lives and backgrounds, the book is generally more entertaining than deep. Occasionally, though, in discussing their own experiences, the two offer a unique brand of wisdom borne of their unique relationship and circumstances.

Megan and Nick come from distinctly different backgrounds. They started their relationship when she was already headed to star status and he was a nobody living in a basement cave (er, apartment). It’s clear from their self-effacing commentary that despite their advice (simplistically stated here) to find someone you’re compatible with and to do work that makes you happy, their book can’t truly teach anyone the real secret to a happy marriage: A certain amount of ego-less desire for your partner to be the best they can be, and for their happiness and success to be as important as yours.

Having said that all of that, I must now say that I have never wanted to live next door to a celebrity as much as I want to live next door to Megan Mullally. From her “basically all I ever want to do is read” comments—sprinkled liberally through the book—and the favorite pastime of doing puzzles while listening to audiobooks she and Nick share, I feel like we were born to be best friends….

Fortunately (you don’t have to worry Megan!) I gave up my stalker-ish tendencies in high school. ;o)

Basically, I really enjoyed listening to Nick and Megan give snippets of witty advice while celebrating a marriage they obviously cherish, and reading it made me both appreciate my own affectionate marriage, and wish even more that my husband was here to help me to face my mom’s house.

Ah well.

(One quick warning: there is a good amount of profanity, mainly from Megan. If the F word offends you, you may want to skip it.)

Halloween is next week, and usually I would be reading some seasonal titles, but honestly I haven’t found the time to either read or listen to much at all in the last couple of weeks. I have a couple of favorites in my review pile and I can barely find the time to pick those up!

However I did notice a couple of great sales I thought I’d mention. 

A bunch of historical authors—including Elizabeth Essex, Tanya Ann Crosby, Erica Monroe and Lauren Royal—have Halloween-themed titles on sale for $.99 through October 28th. You can see the full list here on author Madeline Martin’s site (with links to a variety of e-book platforms).

If you’re an Audible member, be sure to check out all the amazing titles (over 200) on sale for $6.95 between now and Halloween in their Thrills and Chills sale—everything from Dracula to Jeckyll and Hyde, Stephen King to Shirley Jackson, Tana French to Karen Rose. One of my favorites, Simone St. James, has The Haunting of Maddy Clare in there—possibly her scariest title ever!

(And okay, this isn’t seasonal at all, but I loved Barbara O’Neal’s THE ART OF INHERITING SECRETS, and it’s on sale for $1.99 until the end of the month, so be sure to pick that one up too.)

Happy Halloween everyone, and #HappyReading!