And now, a dozen lines from Hilary Duff’s just-released novel, Elixir.

“His mane of dark, tousled hair, chiseled cheekbones, and thick eyebrows were stunning, but some inward pain twisted his eyes and mouth away from beauty and toward something more difficult and profound.”  

“…high strappy sandals. Those combined with her golden dress, endless legs, and thick mane of red curls made Rayna look like she’d stepped out of a Greek myth.”

“Pierre was so beautiful, it would be a crime against humanity for him not to be a male model.”

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“ ‘It kills me to see you with him, Delia,’ he said, pulling away just enough to pierce me with his soulful eyes.”

“I looked deeper and deeper into those dark, magnetic pools.”

“His eyes drew me in, and what I saw there was raw and scarred…but it didn’t lie.” [ellipses original]

“I saw an eternity of love in his eyes.”

“[H]e looked like a man who’d wrestled with life and won.”

 “Fire is magnetic—an almost illicit combination of destructive force and awe-inspiring beauty.”

“I felt devastated inside, like the silent aftermath of a massive hurricane.”

“He bent low over his keyboard, but he peered up to meet my eyes and gave me a bittersweet smile that reached out and grabbed me by the heart.”

“It had been that way from the day we met—like he could see every place my heart was cracked and would pull open the wounds, inspect them, dig out every bit of infection, then fill them with his love until they healed.” 

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