BOOK REPORT for Inheritance (Adaptation Book 2) by Malinda Lo

Cover Story: Is There Something Different About You?
BFF Charm: Yay
Swoonworthy Scale:
Talky Talk: Abracadabra
Bonus Factors:
 Aliens, Internet Backlash, Love Triangle
Relationship Status: We Graduated!

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Cover Story: Is There Something Different About You?


Yup—yet another big face. But it matches the first book, so points for consistency. But am I going crazy, or is this a totally different model than the one before?


Like, seriously. I’ve spent far too much time comparing both sets of eyebrows and lips. (Upon further research: OH THANK GOODNESS, they are totally different.)

The Deal:

This review contains spoilers for the first book of the series.

Now that Reese and David have gone public with having been adapted with alien DNA—while the Imrian spacecraft hovered over their impromptu press conference, no less—they’ve totally pulled a Wiseguys, i.e. started a commotion. With everyone trying to get to them—the government, the Imria, the media—just who exactly can Reese and David trust?

BFF Charm: Yay

I may have been on the fence before, but Reese def. has my BFF charm now. The way she’s adapted (HA) to her newfound fame—or, rather, infamy—and the subsequent public scrutiny is a true measure of her resiliency. And Reese continues to represent for characters that make smart, rational choices while still being incredibly compelling and without becoming an insufferable Mary Sue.

Swoonworthy Scale: 5

Is there anything more official than letting the whole world know that you’re dating? (And no, I don’t mean being Facebook official.) Reese and David’s new relationship had barely begun when it made the rounds on the Internet. Not to mention the complications due to their Imrian adaptations. And speaking of Imrian complications, Reese’s thoughts never seem to stray too far from her ex-girlfriend, Amber (more on that later). The swoon may be dialed down from the previous book, but it’s still very much present.

Talky Talk: Abracadabra

SO MUCH FIST-PUMPING. I’m not sure if the series will continue beyond this book; either way, I found the resolution to be PERF. It’s like a really good magic trick illusion: I just marveled at how brilliant and obvious the ending is. (Obvious as in logical, not heavy-handed.) This book delves even deeper into conspiracies than the last installment, but the fast-paced plot provides a superb complement for taking a relentless hold of my attention.

Bonus Factor: Aliens

I loves me a good alien book—especially when the aliens have their own language and customs! Including FOOD, a subject near and dear to my heart and stomach. It only makes sense that the Imria would have their own culture, and I enjoyed learning all about it.

Bonus Factor: Internet Backlash

Confession, y’all: I can’t seem to stop myself from reading comments on controversial topics. You know which comments I mean—the ones drenched in hatred and ignorance that make you blood-boiling MAD. I’m like the Jane Goodall of comments, if Dame Dr. Jane specialized in the scum of humanity. Anyway. The Adaptation series has been so thoughtfully constructed to exist in our world, including the public reaction to the whole sitch. The vile sampling shown in this book is a pretty accurate depiction of the false bravado that comes with online anonymity.

Bonus Factor: Love Triangle

So that potential bisexual love triangle I alluded to last time? It is SO on. I’ve been silently clamouring for one of these, and Malinda Lo does not disappoint. I also love the development of the dynamic between Amber and David, instead of them being rival love interests who just brood and scowl at each other.

Casting Call:

I’ll stick with most of my choices from the first book. But I’m recasting David, in light of, ahem, new evidence. This is probably just a lateral move, since I don’t even know if this guy acts in English and he’s in his 30s now. But he was the Hong Konger heartthrob of my youth, so.

Relationship Status: We Graduated!

Cue that inescapable Vitamin C song, as it's like the end of a freaking era. This book masterfully closed the door on this chapter of the series, but the possibilities are endless from this point forward—just like on graduation day. Maybe this series will come back into my life; maybe it won’t. While I’d love for it to return, this book had such a satisfying conclusion that I’d understand if it moved on. This is how endings for series books should be done. Heck, this is how endings for books, full stop, should be done. I’m happy just to know that the future is full of potential.

Inheritance is available now.

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