Former Playboy bunny and Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson is back with her second book, Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, and Getting My Sexy Back. The follow-up to her New York Times bestseller Sliding Into Home, she now reveals everything—really—on how she eased into her role as a wife and new mom without sacrificing fun or an ounce of sexiness. Kendra also candidly describes her professional life as she gives the scoop on Dancing with the Stars and filming her reality series on E!. Here, we present 10 facts on Being Kendra.

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1. She’s come a long way since Hef discovered her: “The truth is, if I wasn’t on my reality show, there’s a good chance I’d probably [still] be stripping.”

2. On intimacy: “The last thing I want to be as a wife is a lazy bum in bed.”

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3. And more intimacy in spontaneous locales: “The craziest place that Hank and I ever had sex was on a jet ski in Cabo in the middle of the ocean.”

4. On feeling less-than fab. The reality star grappled with poor self-image and depression after the birth of her son Hank Jr.: “I felt fat, I felt ugly, and now that I was a mom…I thought I had to do away with my thongs and tight tops.”

5. Ah, that’s love. For red carpet events and nights out, Kendra admits that her NFL-player husband helps to flat-iron her hair and holds her essentials so she never has to bring a bag.

6. Dancing with the Stars isn’t always glamorous. Kendra and her partner Louis clashed often in practices. “He called me dyslexic…called me ADD. He found my insecurities and would use them against me.”

7. On the realities of DWTS, she says, “it was important to impress the judges, but ultimately it was a popularity contest.”

8. What is and isn’t real on her E! TV show? Sometimes, Kendra and Hank get “back in the same clothes and…reenact” the part [of a fight] where they made up so it would make sense to viewers,” because originally, the cameras didn’t film backstory.

9. Does Kendra like her show? “I can’t even watch [it]. I don’t want to relive the past…I don’t want to regret anything I do and say.”

10. The ultimate Hollywood fairy tale. “Nobody has a better story than I do…A stripper and a druggie and a girl who lived in the Playboy Mansion ends up with a loving family and the support system that I now have.”

Kendra’s new book, Being Kendra, is in stores today. All quoted material from finished copy of the book.