When I was looking to publish my first book, Terminate Cancer: A Model Of Viral Infection And Immune Response As A Potential Means To Treat Cancer, I knew that it needed a skilled reviewer. 

With so many books being published these days, it is difficult to stand out without a review from a highly credible source, I am familiar with the critical reviews required to validate scientific publications because of my previous publication of a Ph.D. thesis and several article publications in science journals. In a way, publishing a science book is slightly different than publishing in scientific journals, so I was not entirely certain what to expect. 

As a scientist, I knew that my theories require scrutiny as do all scientific theories.  I had heard of Kirkus Reviews’ reputation for providing honest and straightforward reviews, so I figured why not give it a try?  Kirkus Reviews provides excellent reviewers in many different fields, so I was not surprised to see that they found a great reviewer for my book as well.   The cancer immunology discussed in Terminate Cancer is somewhat complex for readers that are not scientists or medical doctors.  The book is more like a textbook that may be useful for future students and medical professionals interested in learning more about cancer immunology.  It can also be used as a reference for learning about cancer and the immune system, so the quality review from Kirkus is of great benefit in validating its legitimacy. 

I was very happy with the outcome and the favorable review provided from Kirkus.  The reviewer was very professional and seemed to be quite knowledgeable in multiple fields.  As a science writer, I was pleased to receive a review from someone who understood the medical sciences.  The clarity and thoughtfulness of the review and the prestigious reputation of Kirkus Reviews itself has enabled me to market my book Terminate Cancer, in a much more effective manner. 

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I was able to extract some phrases from the Kirkus review and add it as quotations on the back cover of my book. This greatly improved the credibility of the book itself. Kirkus Reviews’ reputation speaks for itself, so it will always be a tremendous benefit to any author looking to improve the credibility of their books. 

I would like to thank the reviewer of my book Terminate Cancer for their keen eyes and insightful analysis, as well as distinct ability to offer my book a thoughtful and critical review.  When in need of quality reviews of books in multiple categories and subject areas, Kirkus Reviews is an excellent and highly reputable organization and a great resource for both fiction and non-fiction authors. I look forward to getting my future books reviewed with Kirkus Reviews.


Dr. Kevin A. Figueiredo, Ph.D., is a molecular scientist who specializes in immunology, molecular biology, genetics and cancer research. He obtained his Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia, Canada followed by postdoctoral studies at Harvard University.