If you are even remotely familiar with late-night E! television programming (and let’s be honest, you probably are), then you know what Chelsea Handler is all about. The host of Chelsea Lately is known for pulling elaborate pranks, a part of her personality that is on full display on her show’s spinoff, After Lately. Now, Handler’s staff, family and friends sound off about the worst—or best—lies, hoaxes and schemes that she’s tormented them with in Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me. Here are just a few of the highlights:

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Johnny “Kansas” Milord, aka The Bird, producer: “…Chelsea doesn’t always go for the wedgie. At least once a week she strips off other articles of my clothing: shoes, socks, belts. Ripping my shirt over my head is a standard.”

Heather McDonald, writer: “The best and longest-running lie that Chelsea told me was that she was going to star opposite Meryl Streep in a movie about the Challenger space shuttle blowing up. It began with me in Chelsea’s office before a show one day. I was doing my usual thing, which involved me smelling all of Chelsea’s never-been-worn designer shoes…”

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Roy Handler, brother/chef: “ ‘You told me to get in bed with her!’ I semi-yelled… ‘I didn’t tell you to get in bed with her naked,’ Chelsea shot back.”

Brad Wollack, writer: “So, a month into the start of Chelsea Lately, after Chelsea told me that Johnny’s [aka The Bird's] apartment had flooded and he was temporarily moving in with her and her boyfriend, Ted—the CEO of our network, E!—I didn’t think twice. Of course Johnny’s apartment had flooded; he lived in some shitbox on the east side of Los Angeles.”

Amy Meyer, stylist: “We went to the back of the boat and she told me to sit in the captain’s fishing chair. She climbed up with me and said, ‘I just wanted to share this beautiful view with you. We are so lucky that we get to live this amazing life and I’m so glad that I get to share it with you.’ As she spoke these lovely words, she urinated on me.”