MTV’s The Hills might be over, but don’t think that’s the last you’ll hear of Lo Bosworth. She’s poised to make the jump from reality-TV starlet to author with her new book, The Lo-Down. Inspired by the relationship drama from the show (ahem, Justin Bobby), the book serves as a guide to help girls cope with boy woes of their own. Here, Bosworth dishes about what her friends think of the book, the worst date she ever went on and cooking for her man.


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What have been your friends’ reactions after they see their relationships described in the book?

My friends really, really like it. I got permission from everybody that I wrote about, so they knew in one way or another that they’d be mentioned to a certain degree. But everybody has been really supportive of me. I’ve always really loved to write and they know that, so they’re excited to see firsthand what I’ve been working on for so long.

You have quite the list of “Baddies,” or the guys who are bad for girls, in the book. We have to ask, what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Before I met this guy, we e-mailed for a few weeks, and we had a really great e-mail relationship. Finally the time came to meet and to go out on our real first date. And he shows up. He’s shorter than I am. And he was so shy, he could barely get through the date. It was just so painfully awkward. You know, you have such a good Internet connection with someone and when it comes time to meet face-to-face, it just totally goes out the window.

Do you ever act as a matchmaker for your friends?

My friends actually come to me for guys all the time. Especially they come to me because I have an amazing boyfriend who has really great friends. I think that they feel that I’m the in to his friends, so I have been setting my girlfriends up on a lot of dates.

You have a list of recipes in your book. Is the way to a man’s heart really though his stomach, or are you just a fan of cooking?

I think both. First, I really do love to cook. My mom made us dinner almost every single night growing up, and she is a really amazing cook. Everything in our house is homemade from scratch, so I sort of got the cooking bug from her.

When I had my first boyfriends in college, I was cooking for myself, and they’d come over for dinner. I realized that they really, really do love homecooking. My boyfriend now, his favorite thing to do is to eat dinner at home with me when I make something special. I think the stomach is definitely the way to a man’s heart.

Does your boyfriend ever cook for you?

He likes to help me. We took a cooking class together at Sur La Table, and he loved it. Normally I go into the kitchen, and nobody’s allowed in, and I just do my thing and I cook up a storm. He peeks his head in and asks for tastes and stuff, but I think he was really excited to be let in on the process.

You mention in the book that you’d like to write a children’s book. Do you have one in the works?

Before I wrote the relationship book, I was starting to write short stories for children. I really love children. I feel like I’m such a mom at heart already. I want four kids.

I think the time to publish the children’s books is probably when I have children of my own. I just love stories, and I’m really excited to move into that period of my life when I can become a kid again through literature.


Pub info:

The Lo-Down

Lo Bosworth

Simon & Schuster / January / 9781442412002 / $9.99 paperback

(Ages 14 & up)