Since this week encompasses #PrideMonth, #LovingDay, and #RememberOrlando, I wanted to share some great M/M romances and inter-racial romance titles I really enjoyed.

I recently mentioned Santino Hassell & Megan Erickson’s RITA nominated Fast Connection (Cyberlove series), and I’ve requested a stand-alone title from Hassell’s Interborough series in audio. In all the years I’ve written about romance, I’ve rarely seen such buzz around an author as I have around him. If you’ve never read a M/M romance and would like to try one, you really can’t go wrong with either the Interborough or Cyberlove series. (Many of his titles also contain diverse characters, too.)

6.16 ScoundrelIf you like historicals, be sure to check out Cat Sebastian’s fab Regency M/M series that starts with The Soldier’s Scoundrel and The Lawrence Browne Affair (starred review)—which are each only $1.99 in electronic form. (sweet!) The third title, The Ruin of a Rake, releases July 4.

K.J. Charles is another phenomenal historical M/M author, and also a champion of diverse characters, exploring racial and cultural differences as well as characters with physical and neurological disabilities. Anything she writes is worth reading—and she has a list of series to choose from, some with magical elements, some with mystery elements, some Regency, some Victorian, even Edwardian. So, in other words, something for everyone! Her most recent series release is a Sins of the Cities Victorian mystery, An Unnatural Vice (June 6) but she’s also re-released her popular (formerly Samhain) Charm of Magpies series. Enjoy!

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I recently listened to Knight of Ocean Avenue by Tara Lain which pairs a selfless, heart-of-gold construction worker, Billy Ballew (who has repressed his emotions so deeply he doesn’t even realize he’s gay) with Shaz, the celebrity stylist who is out-and-proud and tasked with giving him a make-over. Sexual tensions sizzle, and the characters jump off the page, but what makes it especially touching is the way Billy and Shaz truly bring out the best in each other and get to the heart of the other’s fears and vulnerabilities to help them get to their best selves. Lovely!

I need to give a quick shout out to Damon Suede here, the first M/M author I ever read, who is also always worth reading and is a wonderful spokesperson for romance in general and Rainbow Romance in particular. And also to Radclyffe, my favorite lesbian romance author and the first author I read who dealt with a transgender character. 

6.16 london boundFinally, for the week of #LovingDay, I want to give a shout out to Nana Malone, because she's simply great! London Bound is a New Adult romance, with college-aged Abbie escaping her abusive boyfriend to head to London to study photography under her dream professor, then falling in love with his brother Alexi, heir to a fortune but determined to make his own way. A lovely mixed race romance to start with, if you haven’t read one before, or to dig into, if you have and just haven’t read this one yet!

This title has some issues—Alexi’s secret isn’t as egregious as it’s built up to be, and we do wonder why it took Abbie so long to distance herself from her boyfriend, or to tell her friends and family the truth—but honestly, Malone is such a terrific writer, and sets up characters, sexual tension, and conflict so well that I quickly forgive her such small missteps, and her writing is fun, smart and emotional, yet funny too. Really hope to read/listen to more of her titles soon.

I’ve requested Alyssa Cole’s An Extraordinary Union (Civil War inter-racial spy romance that received a starred review) in audio, with fingers crossed it will get here soon. 

So who are some of your favorite M/M authors or what titles would you recommend for mixed race romances? Especially in times when too many people in our great nation seem determined to make anyone they perceive as The Other (in other words, for the most part, not-White) unwelcome, it seems more important than ever to read books that are inclusive and remind us that Love Is Love.

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