What are some upcoming trends for the next year?

Once this bruising election season has passed, people are going to need a change of pace. I suspect they will be even more interested than usual in the “New Year, New You” self-help and related categories. They will likely want to turn their attention away from the vitriol and stress and relax with soothing books, informative books, inspiring books, books that help them to restore their equilibrium.

What book/genre/topic would you like to see cross your transom?

I’d like to see books aimed at the business reader….Personally, I am particularly interested in business books that inform and encourage responsible business practices that enrich both customers and employees. 

The kind of business books I’m interested in are similar to the works of John C. Maxwell: informative, inspiring books about leadership and excellence.

What topic don’t you ever want to see again?

There are so many memoirs published that it becomes difficult to distinguish one in the marketplace. Though there are many wonderful memoirs published each year, it’s not a category I particularly seek out. When we do publish a memoir, there will be a broader theme running through the book, and the personal story will be there to illustrate and illuminate that theme.

What is unique about your corner of the publishing industry?

Our model was developed specifically in response to the challenges we see in our industry. Books compete with so many other forms of media and entertainment (and often with much smaller marketing budgets). North Star Way aims to meet consumers where they are, in whatever form of media they consume. We expand the ideas in the books into a variety of platforms, from online courses to podcasts to speaking engagements and so on.

How have you worked with self-published authors?

Occasionally, we have worked with self-published authors, but a more likely scenario is an author who has developed content in nonbook form….Instances of that would be someone who runs a blog or website and has loads of content. We help them organize that and expand it into book form. Or someone who lectures, performs, or otherwise interacts with an audience through presentation; again, we’ll help them to reshape that material into a book. 

We are publishing Mama Natural’s Week to Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth (March 2017). The author, Genevieve Grace, publishes a blog, and we are publishing the book. We are helping shape the content, some of which has appeared on the site, into a book-length work. The book will obviously have new material as well.

Michele is publisher and founder of North Star Way, created from the belief that authors can engage with their readers in a variety of mediums and meet readers where they are in terms of their preferences for media consumption. She has held senior positions in publishing for more than two decades. North Star Way’s editorial focus is on nonfiction in the fields of self-improvement and personal development, inspiration, motivation, wellness, business inspiration and leadership, and mind-body-spirit.