One of the most popular features on SBTB is our monthly 'Whatcha reading?" thread, wherein we talk about what books we're reading or have just finished, and whether we recommend them. One thing I love about this thread is that it shows how the language we use to talk about books has changed. It's one thing to say that you liked a book, or why you liked it. It's another to be able to identify who else might like that book as well, based on similar preferences or a love of a particular style. (There's also few better feelings than knowing you've made a successful recommendation). 

I'm off for a short vacation and have a long plane ride ahead of me, so of course I'm buying and adding books to my library for the flight. Do I need more? Probably not, but that's not going to stop me any more than it would stop you, right? Right! Here are some of the books I'm bringing along, and where I learned about them: 

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain
(Currently $2.99 on Amazon digitally!) 

This is nonfiction, but two people who I don't believe know each other both recommended this book to me in the space of a week. I'm most definitely an introvert—I need to be alone to recharge, for example—and both my friends J. and L. said that this book blew their minds with the revelations of the strength of introverts, and how differently introverts see the world and interact with people. I don't know if there's a better way to get me to read something than to say, "I learned so much about myself from this book and I think you'd really like it, too." SOLD. 

(And it doesn't hurt that it's only $2.99 right now. Obviously.)

The Immortal Collection by Eva Garcia Saenz 

This is a paranormal—and despite a general weariness of all things paranormal, I am itching to read it. Heather sent me the following email about the book: 

[It] features an archaeologist named Adriana and a 10,000+ year old man (and his family, all of whom simply stopped aging in adulthood—his dad looks to be in his 40s and is nearly 30,000 years old). I read the sample and..."Oops! Did I click that?" *one-click* 

Prepare to be sucked in and wallow in archaeological nerdery and mystery and a story of siblings who want to find a way to create long-lived people and the sibling and father who want to stop them. 


The book itself is interesting, too: It was a best-seller on Amazon Spain as La Saga de los Longevos, and was picked up by a traditional publisher and went on to be a print best-seller as well. It's now been translated into English. 

As luck and curiosity would have it, I'm traveling to Spain for this vacation, so that adds another level of interest, too. I studied as an exchange student in Spain in 1991 and 1996, so I have a pretty decent familiarity with Spanish culture, so I can't wait to dive into this book. I might even end up starting it before the wheels go up on the airplane. 

What about you? What books have been recommended to you that you loved? What books have you recommended to others recently?

Sarah Wendell is the co-creator, editor and mastermind of the popular romance blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. She loves talking with romance readers, and hopes you'll share your new favorite romance reading recommendations. You can find her on Twitter or on her couch, most likely with her eyeglasses turned toward a book.