Two fave authors have books coming out early next month, and I thought I’d make sure these titles are on your radar screen.

Laura Kaye and Julie Ann Walker always promise heart-stopping action and breathtaking romance, and if you haven’t read these two yet, then I recommend you get on that right away!

They’re both romance bestsellers, so I expect you’ve heard of them. Last year, Laura Kaye started a new series, the Raven Riders, a spin-off from her wildly popular Hard Ink titles.

Book 2, Ride Rough, comes out April 25, and this is definitely worth a read. The Raven Riders are a motorcycle club dedicated to helping those who can’t help themselves (often women and children), but when VP Maverick Rylan discovers the girl he loved and lost might be the victim of domestic violence, he’ll do everything he can to help her. Alexa Harmon has always craved security and thinks she’s living her dream—wealthy fiancé, beautiful home, career advancement. But the closer the wedding gets, the more dread she feels. She knows it’s time to get out, except her would-be groom doesn’t seem inclined to let her go. Grateful for Maverick’s help, Alexa begins to realize that her old feelings haven’t died, yet neither of them realizes how far her ex will go to make sure Maverick doesn’t win. Kaye’s motorcycle series is a worthy successor to Hard Ink, and her light exploration of hoarding and emotional trauma is lovely and touching, even while the suspense and dance with danger keeps us turning pages (and the romance is top-notch).

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Highly recommend. (The Kirkus reviewer seemed to really like it too.)

3.9 romance_wildride Julie Ann Walker’s Wild Ride comes out a few weeks before, and it’s another sexy, high octane title.  Black Knights Inc. is a covert ops crew that uses a custom motorcycle shop in Chicago as a cover. Newspaper journalist Samantha Tate’s been trying to get info on BKI for years now, but the more she digs, the more they clam up. Intrigued by the shop in general and by sexy custom designer Ozzie in particular, she’s come to think of Ozzie as a friend. So when an investigative trail leads her to believe they’re up to no good – and someone tries to kill her – she misinterprets Ozzie’s attempts to help her, and feels betrayed when she thinks he wants to harm her. Discovering the truth takes her down a dizzying rabbit hole, and realizing that BKI’s secrets are actually national security issues is hard enough to process. But Ozzie’s determination to keep her safe brings her long-term crush to blazing life when she begins to suspect her feelings aren’t one-sided. Ozzie’s the sexiest man she’s ever seen, and now that she knows he’s a brilliant computer whiz and a full-fledged hero, he’s even harder to resist. But is it possible a man like that could want a forever love with a woman like her? 

Also highly recommend. (And it got a Kirkus starred review.)

I must admit that I’m not a huge motorcycle club fan, but in the right hands, I’ll read anything. I’ve yet to read anything by Kaye or Walker that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed, and that holds true for motorcycle romances too—especially when there’s covert ops or leather-clad chivalry involved.

Sexy, fun, touching, and full of action! Enjoy!

What are you reading this week? Suspense, contemporary, historical? Something else?

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