One of the great things about having our editorial offices in New York is being a part of a vibrant, socially and culturally active city. On the way to the office today, we dropped by the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests out of historical curiosity and were intrigued to find that between the mattresses and the drum circle, the encampment also had a library...

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Occupy Wall Street Library shot

...which was broken down to sections of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and more...

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Occupy Wall Street Library sections

We browsed the aisles (well, aisle) and noticed a few familiar faces, including some stars.  To take a look at a selection of books we found on the OWS library shelves, and to get our opinion on them, click here.

Full OWS library small size

Don't see your favorite books on the shelves?  They are accepting donations...

OWS library donations

What books do you think the folks at Occupy Wall Street should be reading?