I had written an award-winning Christian children's book, now what? I needed to get reviews on my inspirational fish “tail” in spite of the top placements it had received. Having book awards was simply not enough by way of industry recognition. 

In doing research, I realized getting a Kirkus review would be helpful...yet I was very nervous about this possibility because Kirkus is known without a doubt, to shoot from the hip. Would they see my story, in its genre as one worth raving about? 

Prayerfully, it was a risk I felt led to take, and one that paid off. The endorsement The Great Carp Escape received from Kirkus helped launch my children's book to a new level. Having awards along with a positive, straight up Kirkus review on my marketing platform was a powerful combination. All of a sudden people took my book much more seriously. I am proud to have had Kirkus review my children's story and prouder still that their comments will soon be placed on the 2nd edition cover of my book.


Irish Beth Maddock was a columnist for two local newspapers, had stories published in Reader's Digest Canada, and broadcasted on 100 Huntley Street, CHBC Television and CBC Radio. She is a published poet, and has both performed in and directed plays and musical theater productions.