Hi friends!

This is going to be short and sweet, since I have presents to wrap and a tree to decorate.

Merry Christmas, Blessed Hanukkah, Joyful Kwanzaa, Happy New Year!

Whatever you celebrate, I sincerely hope it’s full of love, light and laughter.

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If you’re looking for a book to read during the holidays, here are a few suggestions:

Last Christmas in Paris - This was a huge hit with my readers at my Romance of Reading Facebook page and I was finally able to dive into an audio copy thanks to the audio team at HarperCollins (thank you!).

As war descends on Europe in 1914, Evie watches her brother Will and his best friend Tom leave for the front. Years of letters between them offer comfort to the soldiers and a fascinating view of the war to readers. Evie and Tom fall in love, but are unable or unwilling to be honest with each other, until finally one more menacing situation actually threatens them, forcing them to open up.

This was a really compelling read—I am a sucker for World War romance arcs, but this one was a truly phenomenal peek into the time, from a variety of perspectives—journalism, the home front, the trenches, romance, friendship, family, to name a few—from some very talented writers.

Evelyn Hugo  The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - Taylor Jenkins Reid is one of my favorite authors. Her writers’ eye is brilliant and she always takes unexpected twists in her stories. Evelyn Hugo is a renowned Hollywood actress and celebrity, and when, near the end of her life, she chooses an unknown journalist with whom to share her story, she has more than a few bombshells to drop. 

An engaging look at a few decades of a Hollywood life, it’s also a keen study on a public life vs. what may lie beneath the surface. (A great audio job too, and thanks to Simon & Schuster for the copy.)

And some not-too-be-missed titles?

Distant Heart cover Year One by Nora Roberts 

Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins

A Distant Heart by Sonali Dev


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