It’s been almost two decades since Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. And whether you celebrate the man or criticize him, few—with the notable exception of the late, great Alan Watts—have done more to help popularize Eastern thought in the Western world. Concepts like the “unified field of consciousness” and “pure potentiality” linking ancient traditions to modern quantum mechanics are no longer the stuff of esoteric mystics or science-fiction geeks, in large part to Chopra’s work.

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Chopra teams up with son Gotham, a comic enthusiast, for his latest volume, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change the World, which attempts to answer the questions: Is there a direct link between Buddha and Batman? How much does Daredevil have to do with the divine? Here’s a small sampling of the author’s more provocative observations to help you decide.

On the Law of Love: “Superheroes like Jesus and Buddha are the highest expression of our civilization because they are totally and completely self-aware.”

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On the Law of Transcendence: “Most people remain asleep, unaware of their real identity. Though they have within them the potential to be a real live superhero, they spend their life stuck in their alter ego, the Clark Kent to their Superman.”

On the Law of Balance: “For every Gandhi, there’s a Hitler. For every movement bred in hate that grows and has an impact over time, there’s a righteous one that counteracts and contrasts with it. It’s this friction and subsequent balance between opposing forces that lays the foundation of our ongoing existence.”

On the Law of Transformation: “Although transformation in the superhero world may reveal itself in overt physical metamorphosis—Bruce Wayne changing into Batman or the character Storm transforming into a lightning storm—in our world it is a great deal more subtle in appearance, but equally powerful in action.”

On the Law of Intention: “Superheroes, from Greek gods to Harry Potter, have cloaked intentions with words in the forms of spells, charms, incantations, prayers, affirmations, and even curses to activate their powers…And if those intentions come from a selfless place, they orchestrate their own fulfillment. The universe handles the details.”

On the Law of Creativity: “Tony Stark is a problem solver. Where others see trouble or insurmountable odds, he sees opportunity and puts his creativity to work…He makes himself into a powerful superhero whose single mission is to fight evil and injustice wherever on the planet it lurks. He is Iron Man.”

On the Law of Power: “Superheroes don’t have to understand the mystery of the universe. They are the mystery. Their power is internal and, when integrated and understood correctly, expresses itself physically in a visible way. Internal power comes from knowing the true mechanics of the universe, the co-arising interconnectivity of all things.”

(Ed note: Quotes from galley may differ from final book.)