I always have these grand plans in summer to try to catch up on my massive piles of books to be read. I somehow fall prey to the idea that summer will be lazy and easygoing, and I will have 26 hours a day to read books. {sigh}

One of my favorite up-and-coming authors, Suzanne Palmieri, has a new book out in a few days: The Witch of Bourbon Street. I had every intention of reading it last week in honor of Summer Solstice—I always try to read a book with magical elements around the solstices—but I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had time.

Palmieri is a beautiful writer who weaves magic and all of its potential into her storytelling like a spell. Her previous book—The Witch of Belladonna Bay—is set in the South and captures its lush, Gothic romanticism, and Bourbon Street,set in and around New Orleans, looks to have a similar backdrop. I can’t wait to fall into this book.

Some other magical favorites we should all be swept away by:

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One of the most popular authors who uses magical elements in her stories is Sarah Addlost lakeison Allen, whom I always enjoy. Her debut novel was Garden Spells and her 2015 release, First Frost, was its sequel. Both are good, and Garden Spells garnered her a huge loyal following, but I feel her two best so far are The Peach Keeper and Lost Lake. There’s also a short story prequel to Lost Lake that’s free right now on Amazon and B&N, titled “Waking Kate.”

Have you discovered Menna Van Praag? I simply loved The House at the End of Hope Street, with its theme of second chances and set in a magical house with literary powerhouses who offer help from their portraits on the wall. I still haven’t read The Dress Shop of Dreams, which came out late last year, but it looks just as charming and magical as Hope Street, with a heavy dose of romance. Her next book, The Witches of Cambridge, comes out in January and I’ll be trying to get my hands on that as soon as possible.

Are you a Mary Alice Monroe fan? She wrote a modern retelling of Peter Pan in Second Star to the Right, complete with Mad Wendy, who everyone believes is “that”Wendy, and a fiercely practical single mom, Faye, whose children fall prey to Wendy’s fanciful stories, much to her dismay. I love this author and this book looks to be chock full of magic, healing immortal heightsand love.

Finally, if you follow me regularly, you know how much I love Sherry Thomas’romance novels. But oh friends! Have you read her the first two books of her Elemental Trilogy? No? Run out right now and find copies of The Burning Sky and The Perilous Sea. You still have time to read them before Book 3, The Immortal Heights, comes out in October.

This is technically a Young Adult Fantasy Adventure, but there is a lot of romance between the two main characters, an elemental wizard and the crown prince of a magical realm under attack from an evil empire. Moreover, if you liked the Harry Potter series (and didn’t 90% of the world’s population like Harry Potter?), then you should really check this out.

And friends, read Sherry Thomas! No matter what she writes, it’s fabulous!

Happy summer. Hope it’s magical. xo

Bobbi Dumas is a freelance writer, book reviewer, romance advocate and founder of ReadARomanceMonth.comShe mostly writes about books and romance for NPRThe Huffington Post and Kirkus.