The Tiger Mom Sequel Contest has come to an end and our votes have been tallied. We got so many great responses to the question: “What should the title be for ‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua’s next book?” So many of you came up with clever ideas, many of which left us laughing.

Kirkus Reviews is happy to announce the following winners:

1st Place: Kris Fletcher – “Crouching Mama, Hidden Agenda.” (The vote was unanimous on this one!) Prize: A $250 gift card to the amusement park of her choice.

2nd Place: Brenda Scott Royce – “Prowling For Prozac: Tiger Teens Tell All.” Prize: Our top-10 iPad storybook apps

3rd Place: Martin Molloy – “Tiger Mom 2: Fundraiser for the Child Psychiatrist” Prize: A bundle of new children’s books

Many thanks to all who participated; we really loved reading them all. To enter our current contest (in which we’ll be giving away an iPad!) click here. And stay tuned; we’re just getting the hang of this contest thing.