For the low, low price of a reality-TV show contract (or trust fund), you, too, can live it up a la The City alum/fashion designer Whitney Port. Her new book, True Whit, is a “road map to discovering what you want in life and how to make it happen.” Here are 10 nauseating pearls of wisdom from Port that will teach readers to handle the highs and lows that accompany the good life—that is, if you’re lucky enough to afford it.


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On being fashionable: “Whitney, you may say, this may work for you. But how can I march to my own fashion drummer and look polished and stylish?”

“I always loved the idea of throwing a party in my very own apartment. It is a chance to showcase my lovely space, my unique taste, and celebrate the fact that (Yes!) I was not only surviving, but thriving in NYC!”

“I also caution you to beware of overdoing makeup and perfume; your cubicle mate might not appreciate being choked by Chanel No. 5.”

On interior design: “I made sure to “Whitneyfy” it! I love to mix and match patterns; it’s my funky twist on being eclectic.”

“You should also have in your nightstand drawer: a condom (if you have it handy, you’ll use it!); a good book or your Kindle/iPad; a flashlight…or some gummy candies for late-night snacking; tissues.”

On hiding hangovers: “Even if your head is pounding, try to brush your hair before going to bed.”

“Look, I don’t love everything about my body…But I try to focus on the positives: I like my legs, and I am starting to embrace my 32D boobs.”

On budgeting: “But I totally get it; sometimes, that pricey Chloe bag is just begging you, ‘Buy me!’ ”

On relationships: “[Y]ou want your family to like and accept him, and you want his parents to think you’re the greatest thing since Spanx.”

“I’d love to tell you I am a person who doesn’t care about how she looks…But that would be lying.”


Pub info:

True Whit

Whitney Port

!tbooks/HarperCollins / Feb. 1, 2011 / 9780061996863 / $19.99