Indieland tends to attract the adventurous sort. That spirit of exploration—of intellectual, international, and/or internal frontiers—is well-represented in the following starred titles that range in subject from iconic photographers to record-breaking world travel to the myths of forensic medicine.

Legacies Legacies: Interviews with Masters of Photography from Darkroom Photography Magazine by Janis Bultman: “As the lead interviewer for the now-defunct Darkroom Photography magazine, debut author Bultman didn’t shy away from approaching high-profile personalities, asking uncomfortable questions, and distilling complex photographic theories into digestible, compelling prose. The author spoke with some now-legendary photographers, such as Gordon Parks, Robert Mapplethorpe, Mary Ellen Mark, Ernst Haas, Barbara Crane, and Lee D. Witkin, and allowed each to speak freely about their practice, without any limitations….Ultimately, this is a beautiful historical document of a long-gone era.”

Man of the World by Graham Hughes:In the first volume of his travelogue series, Liverpudlian Hughes recounts his quest to visit every sovereign nation in the world. “The mood is almost always upbeat, and readers will succumb to Hughes’ deliciously blunt humor: ‘The fact that I still hadn’t suffered the squits the entire journey…only goes to prove that my DNA should be extracted and cloned in order to create the race of ginger super-soldiers that will one day RULE THE WORLD.’ ”

Unreasonable Certainty: A Medical Examiner Acknowledges the Limits of Legal Medicine by Carol J. Huser: “In her riveting and frank chronicle, forensic pathologist Huser dispels many common misperceptions portrayed in contemporary entertainment media about the field of death investigation….For those with stronger constitutions, the collective educational benefits of the book are immense, and Huser’s in-depth, personal guide through forensic medicine will surely engross eager clinical students as well as death-investigation fans.” Karen Schechner is the vice president of Kirkus Indie.