In two days we’ll honor those who fought and served to keep our country and our freedoms safe through decades of war. If you’re a fan of WWI and WWII fiction, this is a great time to be a reader, since there seems to be a surge of titles with these themes.

I’ve (loved and) written about some of them:

Pam Jenoff’s The Orphan’s Tale (which I’ve also personally hand-sold to about five Costco customers); Susan Wiggs’ Map of the Heart , which I loved almost as much as her previous WWII-themed The Apple Orchard; Kate Quinn’s captivating The Alice Network; Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly.

Some authors I love who write in these eras I’ve also written about are Karen White, Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig (fave authors not matter what they write!). Last Christmas in Paris Some authors I’ve read (and loved) before have recent releases that I haven’t had the chance to read yet but are right up my alley! Alix Rickloff’s The Way to London released in September, and a co-effort by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb, Last Christmas in Paris, released in October.  Perennial favorite Susan Meissner’s A Bridge Across the Ocean is a time-slip historically set just after WWII (can’t wait to read that one!), and if you haven’t read Alyson Richman’s The Velvet Hours, that spans WWI, WWII and was inspired by the remarkable Paris apartment discovered intact seventy-five years after its door was closed for the last time, you have a treat in store for you. I also recently listened to Jillian Cantor’s The Lost Letter, which was a fascinating look at the art of creating stamps, and how they were used historically and in Nazi Germany to send quiet messages on letters. (Kirkus loved it too—read the review here.) If you’re familiar with Jennifer Robson’s work, then you’re likely a war fiction fan—her latest title moved from WWI, which she’s famous for, to WWII. I loved Goodnight From London, as I’ve loved everything I’ve read from her.

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I am thrilled to say that I’m hosting a handful of these authors and a few others (whose books I can’t wait to get to!) at my Facebook page, The Romance of Reading for an author chat. The event is titled I’ll Be Seeing You: War & Romance. (It’s a closed group but just ask to join—as long as you love to read you’re not a bot we’ll let you in.)

This is the list of authors:


Susan Wiggs

Heather Webb and Hazel Gaynor

Jennifer Robson

Mark Sullivan 

Lisa Barr

Susan Meissner

Martha Hall Kelly

Jillian Cantor

Camille Di Maio

Alix Rickloff

Aimie K. Runyan

Alyson Richman

Kate Quinn 


I’ve just started Fugitive Colors by Lisa Barr, and hope to get my hands on all the rest of these authors’ war-inspired fiction soon. Mark Sullivan’s Beneath A Scarlet Sky has over 10K five-star reviews on Amazon. (I have to mention that the person mainly responsible for this terrific event is Sharlene Martin Moore, war fiction fan and social media queen. She says Mark’s book is life-changing! Wow!)

I’m so excited to be spending my Veteran’s Day (and Armistice Day for all my European friends) with a handful of amazing authors who are as fascinated and humbled by the sacrifices, heroism, devastation, glory and horror of these historical eras.

I hope you can join us!

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