Top 10 Indie Bestsellers on IndieReader


Things remain fixed in stone at the top of IndieReader's Top 10 Indie Bestseller List this week. For the second week running, Samantha Young's On Dublin Street claims the top spot. The book follows Jocelyn Butler as she moves to Scotland to recover from her tragic past. But will the process be helped or hindered by the arrival of her new roommate's dead sexy older brother? Only time will tell. Trivia geeks and extreme jugglers will be delighted with Guinness World Records 2013, which holds fast to the number two spot again this week. And rounding out the top three is M. Leighton's Down to You, up four spots from last week. Leighton's erotic tale centers around college student Olivia Townsend, who must decide where her happiness lies when she falls for twin brothers Cash and Nash.   

IndieReader's Top 10 Indie list is updated every week, using sources including Amazon, the New York Times, B& and USA Today to determine what books make the cut. Check out the rest of this week's, and every week's, Indie bestsellers to see what's hot in Indie and self-publishing on their bestseller list.ow, a complete upset this week in IndieReader's bestsellers top 10 list.

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