IndieReader Top 10 Bestsellers


Wow, this week sees some major action shifting over the IndieReader's Top 10 Indie Bestsellers list. Colleen Hoover, who was No. 1 and 2 last week, falls off the list to welcome a new No. 1 book: Sydney Landon's Weekends Required, about a sexy office assistant and her boss, sexy hijincks ensue. The second spot goes to Kelly Favor's For His Trust, another powerful, gripping tale of love, and Abbi Glines' While It Lasts, about an aspiring baseball player baling hay for the summer with a saucy farm lady (yes, we're not making this up), taking the No. 3 slot. Romance is ruling in Indieland.

IndieReader's Top 10 Indie list is updated every week, using sources including Amazon, the New York Times, B& and USA Today to determine what books make the cut. Check out the rest of this week's, and every week's, Indie bestsellers to see what's hot in Indie and self-publishing on their bestseller list.ow, a complete upset this week in IndieReader's bestsellers top 10 list.

And check out our writing and publishing series this week with Noah benShea and Dean Wesley Smith.


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