IndieReader's Top 10 Indie Bestsellers


Recall those hot and steamy summer nights with the trio of romances claiming the top three spots this week on IndieReader's Top 10 Indie Bestsellers list. Leading the pack, M. Leighton's The Wild Ones, in which Southern deb Cami Hines is as precious to her father as the thoroughbred horses he raises. Readers will be champing at the bit to find out what happens when her father discovers she's been cavorting with the help. Abbi Glines' While It Lasts makes a triumphant return to the top three, with her bucolic love story about a young baseball player who finds his unlikely match in an uptight, snarky brunette. Finally, check out Taken by Kelli Maine. Billionaire real estate mogul Merrick Rocha's a man who knows what he wants. When the seemingly perfect Rachel turns down her dream job with his company, Merrick's not willing to take no for an answer.

IndieReader's Top 10 Indie list is updated every week, using sources including Amazon, the New York Times, B& and USA Today to determine what books make the cut. Check out the rest of this week's, and every week's, Indie bestsellers to see what's hot in Indie and self-publishing on their bestseller list.ow, a complete upset this week in IndieReader's bestsellers top 10 list.

And be sure to check out our writing and publishing series this week with Melissa Foster.


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