Falling Into Halloween Reading

Hi friends!

Up in Wisconsin we’ve had our first taste of fall weather this week—crisp and cool, with the promise of coming frost—but now we’re headed back into a sunny seventy degree stretch.

Spring and fall are so fickle, aren’t they?

I was hoping to draw your attention to some great Halloween reads that release this year, but I confess I haven’t had much time to read many, and when I did a recent search, I found a number of them, but none by authors I’d read before, except these two:

Marie Harte’s All I Want for Halloween - I did read this, and I loved it. Very sexy, and I just love the cover. It’s not exactly a “Halloween-themed book” in the way we think of them, but the story begins at a Halloween party and uses both metaphorical and physical masks to drive the plot. Harte’s characters tend to be everyday Joes, and the celebrity aspect she brings to this title with reality-TV star hero Gear is a departure for her, which she uses to good effect, since what Gear hates about his life is the insincerity of everyone around him in his reality TV role. Highly recommend! (And it got a great Kirkus review too, here.)

I haven’t yet had the chance to read this one, but three writers (I’m familiar with Tawny Weber and Barbara Devlin of course, though Gail Z Martin is new to me) have teamed with Jeanne Adams for a Halloween anthology set in her witchy Haven Harbor. I love the concept of this series:

“Welcome to Haven Harbor, Massachusetts where the real witches live! Founded by witches who escaped the Salem Trials, Haven Harbor's modern facade still shields modern day witches.” 

For the anthology, A Haven Harbor Halloween:

Sometimes Halloween ends up being scarier than Trick or Treat! Join us for a Haven Harbor Halloween — Four Stories of the Spookiest Season in Haven Harbor!

Tawny, Barbara and Gail are combining stories that continue their own series, intertwining them with the Haven Harbor world. Sounds very fun, magical and spooky.

Want more Halloween titles? I put Halloween romance in the Amazon search box and there are a bunch of titles that pop up. Some by authors I’ve heard of, but never read, like Lexi Post and Sinclair Jayne. (Those look intriguing!) 

Alyssa Day is a writer I can recommend, and she has a 16,000 word Poseidon title, Halloween in Atlantis, that came out last year and was hailed as being both funny and smart. This alone draws you in, doesn’t it? “Now that Atlantis has finally risen to take its place on the world stage, the Atlantean warriors are having to face some new and interesting dangers—like Halloween parties.”

And finally, I found a collection of paranormal cozy shorts - Witch Or Treat - by seventeen authors such as Ava Mallory, Nikki Haverstock, Ruby Blaylock, Danielle Barrett and ReGina Welling & Erin Lynn, and it’s only $.99. “It's All Hallows' Eve, and these witches are getting wild! Just in time for Halloween, some of your favorite authors have teamed up to bring you more than 600 pages of mystery, magic, and mayhem. Whether it's a trick or a treat, these witchy tales will surely get you in a spooky state of mind!”

Of course I’m a huge fan of Juliet Blackwell, and her delightfully fun Haunted Home Renovations are always a good choice for Halloween reading (as are her Witchcraft Mysteries series). Highly recommend them too!

Are you reading anything to get ready for Halloween? Do share!

I also wanted to let you know that we’re doing a great “Fall Into Romance” Author Open House on the Romance of Reading Facebook page this Saturday. Participating authors had books release this fall and include some of the authors mentioned above, as well as a ton of contemporary and historical authors. (Find out more here.)

Don’t you love fall? Enjoy the season.

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