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H.M. Ward
We talk to the indie superstar
H.M. Ward is a powerhouse in the indie romance genre and is approaching 13 million titles sold. While Ward has penned many romance and paranormal titles, she says that contrary to popular belief, the primary subject matter of her romance titles is not sex. They are instead about redemption and how long the human spirit can persevere through suffering ...
To ISBN or Not to ISBN?
Bernhard Cella Prefers NO ISBN
In 1967, the SBN (Standard Book Numbering) system was created so that booksellers could number and identify the books they carried. Three years later, it grew on an international scale and became what we now know as ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Though originally used for an archival purpose, it strangely grew into a number that authors seek out as ...
Shelf Space: Q&A with David Sandberg at Porter Square Books
Porter Square Books opened in 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and immediately fostered intense loyalty among their customers. Two of those customers, married couple Dina Mardell and David Sandberg, bought the general bookstore in 2013 and continued Porter Square’s formula for success—encouraging rampant consumption of books and coffee. Here, Sandberg talks about “Puff the Magic Dragon,” H Is for Hawk ...

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