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What authors and publishers are saying about Kirkus Indie!

"The Kirkus [Indie] review was worth it to me for the opportunity to get reviewed caveat-emptor style, and have the quick turnaround (my book was one of their early reviews and it was ready in about six weeks). I liked the fact that my reviewer (who is an editor and a woman, but I know no more about her) both praised and criticized the book. The criticism gave validity to the praise, and I thought her criticisms were fair enough as opinion and perception. The review provided some great pull quotes. As a POD author with no connections in the industry, I was glad for this opportunity."

--Nicole Hunter, author of Waiting for the World to End, winner of Book of the Year Silver Award from ForeWord Magazine and Honorable Mention in the IPPYs (Independent Publisher Book Awards)

"Please tell the reviewer that I appreciate the careful reading given to Birches and the perceptiveness of the review. I especially appreciate the final sentence, as the book has been very well received by the senior citizen groups for which I have been doing readings and workshops on the theme of 'Telling Our Stories.'

I read the set of reviews posted on the website, and I am impressed by the supportive tone of the articles. It looks as though Kirkus [Indie] is being a positive force in bringing attention to books which deserve it. I have posted the Kirkus review on my website,, and have started using it as a promotional tool."

--Patricia Parnell, author of Talking with Birches

"Next, I submitted to Kirkus [Indie]. It costs a little money, but you get a Kirkus review and they post it on their site. This was a definitely a plus in my book. They cut you no slack -- it is a real Kirkus review -- if you suck, they'll say so. It costs a little money, but it worked wonders for me."

--Mark Jeffrey, author of The Pocket and the Pendant

"Upper Access is a traditional but very small publisher, usually releasing between one and three new titles per year. Some are big sellers, but others are high-quality books that need major reviews in order reach their market. Reviews in the big publications are never guaranteed, and missing out on them can be a huge setback for our more literary titles. In those cases, Kirkus [Indie] can play an important role, helping us to get word out to librarians, booksellers, and the reading public."

--Steve Carlson, Publisher of Upper Access Book Publishers

"Thank you very much for the book review and for the quick turn-around time. I was very pleased with the way that the content and spirit of the book were captured on multiple levels and I love the references to Zen and to Chomsky. Very impressive. Please pass on to the reviewer my deep appreciation for the time and the thoughtful consideration that were put into the review."

--Brian Hutchins, author of The Way of the Baby

"Thank you for such a wonderful review! Your review, apart from having such a great grasp of what I was trying to achieve, is written so well too! Thank you again."

--Ellen Bloomenstein, author of Angels in the Bathtub

"I can't tell you how satisfying the review is to me. Finally someone read it and gave me an opinion, and what a commentary!"

--Matthew Hunter, author of Jason and Medea

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