Released: July 19, 2012

"Infused with an urgent hope, this glimmering love story exhilarates and refreshes. (Magical realism. 12 & up)"
Her name—Frenenqer—means "restraint" in "some language or other," and she is the only child—creation, really—of a man for whom affection is unspeakable: Pfft. Read full book review >
SONS OF THE 613 by Michael Rubens
Released: Sept. 11, 2012

"This book won't make readers proud to be Jewish. It will make them proud to be a pool player in a porkpie hat, a tattooed punk or anyone who survives all the way to 13. Everyone should read it the moment he becomes a man. (Fiction. 13-17)"
This is a book every bar-mitzvah boy will want to steal. Read full book review >

AFTER ELI by Rebecca Rupp
Released: Aug. 14, 2012

"Far more than a summer romance, this is a tribute to those left behind. (Fiction. 11-15)"
Daniel (E.) Anderson looks back on the summer he fell in love and finally came to terms with his soldier brother's death. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 21, 2012

"Meticulous pacing and finely nuanced characters underpin the author's gift for affecting prose that illuminates the struggles within relationships. (Fiction. 14 & up)"
A boring summer stretches ahead of Ari, who at 15 feels hemmed in by a life filled with rules and family secrets. Read full book review >
PASSENGER by Andrew Smith
Released: Oct. 2, 2012

"Brilliant and remarkably unsettling. (Horror/fantasy. 16 & up)"
The menacing, post-apocalyptic world of Marbury is again richly imagined in this stunning sequel to The Marbury Lens (2010). Read full book review >

Released: Jan. 2, 2012

"Yes, many teens face more compelling problems than those of a smart, attractive daughter of affluent and loving, if estranged, parents; but Smith's acute insights make Hadley's heartache and loss as real as the magical unfurling of new love. (Fiction. 12 & up)"
A smartly observed novel rises above its apparently easy structure. Read full book review >
THE RAVEN BOYS by Maggie Stiefvater
Released: Sept. 18, 2012

"The magic is entirely pragmatic; the impossible, extraordinarily true. (Fantasy. 13 & up)"
An ancient Welsh king may be buried in the Virginia countryside; three privileged boys hope to disinter him. Read full book review >
PASSION BLUE by Victoria Strauss
Released: Nov. 6, 2012

"A rare, rewarding, sumptuous exploration of artistic passion. (author's note) (Historical fantasy. 12 & up)"
Giulia is bright, curious and a gifted artist, born to a noble father and his humble mistress in 15th-century Renaissance Italy. Now her fate rests with her father's widow, who's sending Giulia to a Padua convent. Read full book review >