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August 15, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 16

T. Geronimo Johnson delivers a rich, passionate novel set against the backdrop of war; Historian Jon Meacham returns with an outstanding biography of Thomas Jefferson; Linda Tarrant-Reid delves into the archives to find little-known stories of African-American history and compiles them in a gorgeous volume; and more

2012 Fall Preview

Featuring reviews of the most anticipated books of Fall 2012; and more

August 01, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 15

David R. Gillham delivers a vividly cinematic novel that's impossible to put down; Jonathan Kozol returns with another cleareyed, compassionate and hopeful book; One young man-to-be receives some spectacularly unorthodox preparation for his bar mitzvah in Michael Rubens' jubilant debut for kids; and more

July 15, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 14

M.L. Stedman presents a polished, clever debut novel with a cliffhanger ending; A posthumous collection from Harvey Pekar reflects the seminal graphic memoirist at his edgy best; Leda Schubert and Gérard DuBois paint a scintillating picture-book portrait of the world's foremost mime; and more

July 01, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 13

Two women investigators cross paths in Christopher Brookmyre's offbeat tale of ruthless mobsters in Glasgow; Bob Spitz presents an engrossing biography of the iconic Julia Child; Louise Erdrich turns her focus to Omakayas' children in the fourth volume of her Birchbark House series; and more

June 15, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 12

Nobel winner Elie Wiesel continues to remind us of the brilliant possibilities of the philosophical and political novel; Eric Jay Dolin returns with a rich, highly readable story of America's first voyages to the Middle Kingdom; Newbery Medal winner Laura Amy Schlitz delivers a gloriously intricate multi-voiced gothic fantasy; and more

June 01, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 11

Hollywood operators and creative washouts collide in Jess Walter's superb romp; Science writer Sam Kean impressively renders esoteric DNA concepts accessible to lay readers; Newbery Medalist Rebecca Stead explores the dimensions of friendship in an intimate Brooklyn setting; and more

May 15, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 10

Look inside for the 2012 BEA big book guide; Featuring industry-first reviews of the biggest BEA titles in Adult and Children's & Teen; and more; BEA supplement uploaded separately

2012 BEA Big Book Guide

275 book reviews, exclusive author interviews and our critics' picks of the best books at this year's show; and more

May 01, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 9

Rajesh Parameswaran marvels with an inventive and witty debut story collection; Inside Job director Charles Ferguson provides a concise, cogent assessment of the 2008 banking disaster and how the fallout has affected the country; Jim Murphy and Alison Blank pen an engrossing biography of tuberculosis, illustrating it with a wealth of eye-opening archival images; and more