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November 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 22

Ayad Akhtar pens a fine novel centered on questions of religious and ethnic identity; Walter Isaacson delivers an impeccably researched, vibrant biography of Steve Jobs; Veera Hiranandani gives 21st-century readers a Margaret Simon for their times in her debut for children; and more

November 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 21

Gregory Maguire completes his series The Wicked Years with a fun, action-filled novel; The American Society of Magazine Editors presents a bounty of periodical perfection; Nick Lake explores two Haitis: the one born from revolution and the other ravaged by earthquake; and more

October 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 20

A time portal and the Kennedy assassination factor into Stephen King’s latest winner; Matthew White delivers a brilliant and endlessly arguable book about historical atrocities; Barry Denenberg memorializes the Titanic in a lushly designed, oversized volume; and more

October 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 19

Italian master Umberto Eco delivers another bracing and controversial mystery novel; Mark Ribowsky pens a definitive biography of iconic sports broadcaster Howard Cosell; Beka Cooper, kickass cop, returns in Tamora Pierce’s gutsy fantasy/police procedural; and more

September 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 18

Chef Jacques Pepin returns with a book of fabulous recipes retooled for the modern kitchen; a child-prodigy violinist fights to establish herself as an adult in Jessica Martinez’s debut; things aren’t what they seem in Haruki Murakami’s ambitious, thoroughly stunning novel; and more

September 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 17

Ha Jin delivers a historical novel about the brutality of war that makes a profound impact; Jonathan Lethem gathers his nonfiction in a collection displaying a strong sense of purpose; Ann Cameron, along with Lauren Castillo, gives kids the stories Spunky (the dog) tells; and more

August 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 16

Diana Abu-Jaber crafts a moving portrait of imperfect humans struggling to do right; Roya Hakakian pens a riveting true-life thriller concerning Europe’s relations with Iran; Canadian R.J. Anderson pens a refreshing, traditional science-fiction adventure for teens; and more

August 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 15

Jodi Compton delivers an addictive novel about a woman who finds herself on the run; Mark Yarm offers an essential look at the highs and lows of the Seattle music scene; and Tracy Barrett takes on an old story—Theseus & the Minotaur—and makes it new again