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May 15, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 10

Look inside for the 2012 BEA big book guide; Featuring industry-first reviews of the biggest BEA titles in Adult and Children's & Teen; and more; BEA supplement uploaded separately

2012 BEA Big Book Guide

275 book reviews, exclusive author interviews and our critics' picks of the best books at this year's show; and more

May 01, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 9

Rajesh Parameswaran marvels with an inventive and witty debut story collection; Inside Job director Charles Ferguson provides a concise, cogent assessment of the 2008 banking disaster and how the fallout has affected the country; Jim Murphy and Alison Blank pen an engrossing biography of tuberculosis, illustrating it with a wealth of eye-opening archival images; and more

April 15, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 8

Jo Baker offers up an impressive family saga that is poignant and rarely predictable; Michael J. Sandel returns with an exquisitely reasoned, skillfully written treatise on big issues of everyday life; Mary Downing Hahn dissects the effects of a double murder on a whole community in a gripping historical thriller; and more

April 01, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 7

A joyful return to Africa turns into a nightmare in Paul Theroux’s great new novel; Robert Caro delivers the eagerly anticipated fourth volume in his epic Lyndon Johnson biography; The man who discovered T. rex receives an affectionate, energetic appreciation from Tracey Fern and Boris Kulikov; and more

March 15, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 6

Toni Morrison returns with a deceptively rich and cumulatively powerful novel about a black soldier’s return from the Korean War; acclaimed novelist Jonathan Franzen pens an unfailingly elegant and thoughtful collection of essays; Kristin Cashore takes readers back to the Seven Kingdoms in an exhilarating and provocative companion to Graceling and Fire; and more

March 01, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 5

Sarcastic, rule-breaking FBI agent Andy Fisher returns in Jim DeFelice’s latest thriller; MSNBC host Rachel Maddow delivers a hardhitting debut about how the country has lost control of its national-security policy; Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush are back for their most dangerous adventure yet! Will Beach-Time Brenda™ spell the end of the daring duo?; and more

February 15, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 4

A young woman struggles to understand herself in Catherine Chung’s luminous debut; Alison Bechdel returns with a psychologically complex, ambitious, illuminating successor to Fun Home; Laura Vaccaro Seeger applies her die-cut genius to the color green, with sublime results

February 01, 2012: Volume LXXX, No 3

A hard-shelled, sporadically soft-hearted protagonist shines in Bernard Cornwell’s latest; acclaimed novelist Rick Moody shows off his considerable gifts for parsing music; an abandoned bus becomes a flourishing urban community center in Bob Graham’s latest; and more