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August 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 16

Diana Abu-Jaber crafts a moving portrait of imperfect humans struggling to do right; Roya Hakakian pens a riveting true-life thriller concerning Europe’s relations with Iran; Canadian R.J. Anderson pens a refreshing, traditional science-fiction adventure for teens; and more

August 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 15

Jodi Compton delivers an addictive novel about a woman who finds herself on the run; Mark Yarm offers an essential look at the highs and lows of the Seattle music scene; and Tracy Barrett takes on an old story—Theseus & the Minotaur—and makes it new again

July 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 14

Carson Morton tells the vibrant tale of an art thief who snatches a famous masterpiece; Peter Van Buren serves up laugh-out-loud stories about America’s failures in Iraq; Susan Campbell Bartoletti & Holly Meade give an enchanting peek at life on the Ark; and more

July 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 13

Lev Grossman makes a triumphant return with a great fantasy spiked with bitter wisdom; Patricia Bosworth recounts the life of American icon Jane Fonda in an engrossing book; Conor Kostick’s far-future trilogy comes to a colossal close, again asking: What is real?; and more

June 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 12

Fabio Geda delivers an authentic, marvelous novel that borrows from oral history; Jim Dent pens a heartfelt bio of a Texas football star whose life was cut short by cancer; Monica Brown and John Parra celebrate a Colombian librarian’s burro-back delivery; and more

June 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 11

A shrewd, spirited historical romance from Daisy Goodwin charts a bumpy marriage; Erica Jong partners with 28 collaborators for a frank book celebrating female desire; Joseph Bruchac explores his Slovakian side for a fresh, funny fantasy—with dragons; and more

May 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 10

Laura Harrington finds bliss; Donald Ray Pollock entertains the devil; J.M. Hayes shares a lesson; Darien Gee bakes bread; Caprice Crane gets lucky; DBC Pierre searches for wonderland; Carol Higgins Clark has murder on her mind; and much, much more

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May 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 9

Chevy Stevens gets close to a serial killer; Tamar Cohen plots revenge; Maggie Sefton is unraveled; Beth McMullen sins; Clyde Edgerton boards the night train; Talia Carner travels to Jerusalem; Darynda Jones walks among graves; and much, much more