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May 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 10

Laura Harrington finds bliss; Donald Ray Pollock entertains the devil; J.M. Hayes shares a lesson; Darien Gee bakes bread; Caprice Crane gets lucky; DBC Pierre searches for wonderland; Carol Higgins Clark has murder on her mind; and much, much more

Book Expo America

Featuring industry-first reviews of 150 of the biggest BEA titles in adult and children's/YA; index of other featured titles organized by publisher; exclusive Q&A with Richard Dawkins; BEA floor map with icons for Kirkus-reviewed books and Kirkus-starred books

May 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 9

Chevy Stevens gets close to a serial killer; Tamar Cohen plots revenge; Maggie Sefton is unraveled; Beth McMullen sins; Clyde Edgerton boards the night train; Talia Carner travels to Jerusalem; Darynda Jones walks among graves; and much, much more

April 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 8

Richard Paul Evans hits the road; Graham Masterton conjures up a nightmare; Sally Goldenbaum attends a wedding; Susan McDuffie takes to the hills; Cassandra Clark finds herself among the angels; Cathy Holton spends a summer in the South; and much more

April 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 7

R.T. Raichev plots murder; Gary Braver gets tunnel vision; Cricket McRae shares some wine; Cynthia Riggs heads to Martha’s Vineyard; Fred Lichtenberg pens his first novel; Sarah Gardner Borden plays games; Steven Pressfield looks into the future; and more

March 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 6

Adam Mitzner has a conflict of interest; Helon Habila mixes oil and water; Bobbie Ann Mason tells the tale of a World War II pilot; Douglas Kennedy unwraps a mysterious package; Ellis Cose takes on race; and more

March 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 5

Margaret Drabble smiles; E.L. Doctorow has all the time in the world; Sara Gran visits the dead; Margaret George takes on Elizabeth I; Christopher Farnsworth reintroduces a vampire; Brenda Cullerton plots murder; Pete Hamill goes to the tabloids; and more

February 15, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 4

Kirkus Special Issue: What’s Happening RIGHT NOW in books, in affiliation with the 2011 O’Reilly Tools of Change Conference; Kirkus is now the only professional curator of iPad storybook apps and interactive e-books across all platforms.

February 01, 2011: Volume LXXIX, No 3

Jean Thompson goes searching for home; Peter May kills off a great European chef; Amy Ellis Nutt tells the story of a chiropractor with a life-altering brain injury; Richard North Patterson presents an all-too-plausible nuclear Armageddon scenario; and iPad Reads: a new section dedicated to reviews of iPad apps and interactive e-books for children