Released: Sept. 17, 2013

"A groundbreaking history that will no doubt contribute to a reappraisal of some deep-rooted founding myths."
An eye-opening examination of how America's colonial-era colleges were rooted in slave economies and "stood beside church and state as the third pillar of a civilization built on bondage." Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 8, 2013

"An extraordinarily frank cultural study/memoir that eschews platitudes of both tragedy and hope."
A veteran journalist captures the functioning chaos of Haiti. Read full book review >

ECSTATIC NATION by Brenda Wineapple
Released: Aug. 6, 2013

"History on the grand scale, orchestrated by a virtuoso."
A sweeping look at the Civil War in the context of its social, cultural and intellectual climate. Read full book review >
GOING CLEAR by Lawrence Wright
Released: Jan. 17, 2013

"A patient, wholly compelling investigation into a paranoid 'religion' and the faithful held in its sweaty grip."
A devastating history-cum-exposé of the Church of Scientology. Read full book review >